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Playing video games in Korea is not only a leisure activity or a hobby but a career for some. Professional gaming is a lucrative industry here as it’s said that 30% of the population plays a game, either with a console or online. What could be a better career than playing a game for 12 hours and getting paid for it?
There are a few cable channels here that are dedicated to gaming. One of them shows just Starcraft games the whole day everyday! That intrigued my video-game challenged husband so much that he asked me before to teach him the game. I used to play video games like crazy too – Starcraft, Sims, Go-Stop. Of course, I was afraid he’d get addicted to it that I always refused (because he was out-of-work that time). Have you heard of some men here playing games for three or more days nonstop in a PC bang and ending up dead?
Video games are not all that bad, as long as you can control yourself. I still play Go-Stop from time to time but not as much as before – like 12 hours a day! In fact, I’m planning to get my husband a Nintendo DS Lite. He commutes to and from work for two hours a day and a little fun before and after work would not hurt him. In fact, he could even improve his English skills with it (like Jang Dong Gun on his Nintedo DS Lite CF).


  1. I heard ^^
    Whenever I watch Arirang I watch this show dedicated to video gaming. South Korea is really passionate about video games. Most online games that are imported here in the Philippines come from South Korea. ^
    Beenas last blog post..I Still Love My Own Country

  2. Hi betchay, the DS is a good idea, it’s really a nice console to use for commuting. I even bring ours when I go places where I have to fall in line or wait for long periods.
    Btw I moved to wordpress, please update your link. Thanks
    haydees last blog post..Yey to WordPress!

  3. I heard about that guy who died… It is amazing you can ignore your body’s needs for so long…
    I always laugh at your entries, Betchay! Haha, you refused because you were scared of the possible addiction. Yes, I used to play a lot, but it is hard to find time for it anymore, and whenever I do, it feels like I could spend my time better…

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