I hate Koreans!

I hate Koreans — so goes the title of a thread in a forum I accidentally stumbled on. I didn’t bother to add a reply because I know it’s futile to argue with someone on the net. The threadstarter’s reasons?

“Frankly, I don’t have a high opinion of Koreans. They’re arrogant. They’re rude. And they’re so f*cking racist!”

I’ve been in Korea for five years, and I’m pretty sure I’ve met more Koreans than the threadstarter. Koreans are obnoxious? Some are, most aren’t. Arrogant? Some are, some aren’t. Rude? Some are, some aren’t. Fcking racist? Some are, some aren’t.
I’ve encountered some undesirable Koreans but I’ve met more people here who are really nice and helpful, and that’s coming from a brown-skinned Filipina. I’ve also met some Filipinos who are obnoxious, arrogant, rude and f
cking racist, but there are more — definitely more– Filipinos who are nice, friendly and helpful. I know I’m using elementary adjectives 🙂
When I was working at a hotel, I had a bully of an Australian boss. I wouldn’t say that all Australians are like him since the other bosses are really wonderful. When I was working at a call center, I would sometimes curse at a few nasty Americans I encountered on the phone. However, all my American bosses at a US-based company I earlier worked at are the best!
My point is it’s really ignorant to make generalizations of one race. (This post is longer but I’d cut it short and I’d make another post of what I previously had here.)


  1. hi betchay! the one who wrote that post was so racist. i read all the replies he had sa forum niya. maybe he had one not so good experience in the past, kaya ganun. but still, its not nice to judge people basing on one bad experience. have a good day!

  2. Actually Ms. Betchay, a lot of Filipinos na nakakausap ko ang reaksyon eh: “Bat ka sa Korea nagexchange student? Di ba barumbado mga tao don?” In UPLB as well that’s the common stereotype among students. I didn’t understand it till I had my own obnoxious experience with a Korean boss. Un nga, ipinost ko sa blog ko. But then, generalizations shouldn’t be made.
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  3. ^^there’s this forum i always visit and one time there was a thread about filipinas started by a graduate student in a first-world country… i was really disappointed that someone supposed to be very educated would make a generalization about the people he barely knows…

  4. since i’m partly chinese, when im with Young-ho (my korean bf), people almost always mistake me as a korean too. one time, we went to the baguio public market and Young-Ho just passed by a stall selling korean cabbages which he told me was expensive and the filipino vendor started calling us names– just for not buying his cabbages. i turned around and said “”enya ibagbagam???”” (what are you saying?) the vendor was surprised and turned his back.
    Young-Ho and i went to a lot of places recently and always had bad encounters with fellow filipinos– being rude, arrogant, and being racist.. but Young-Ho doesnt even react negatively to whatever the people are saying. he just nudges me with his elbows and signals we go ahead. he’s so observant but at the end of each day, he would just say “” oh, i still had a good time though. better not think about it”” (worst encounter was we were being forced by some men to give more tip to our boatmen in pagsanjan, after giving them generous tips already. when we did not comply, the men cursed us that i just pulled Young-Ho away)…

    1. hello.. i am living in cebu..
      yes.. cebu is the most numbered place of koreans in phils. the issue on racism on Koreans is quite sensitive.. ^^
      well.. i dont look like a typica Filipna. i am often mistaken.. as Spanish.. sometimes Korean.
      in a salon, they almost didnt cut my hair coz they think i am korean.
      they said that one time, one korean was not satisfied with their service so she didnt pay.. after all the service she had.
      well… the point is the salon didnt make any mistake . its just that, the Korean didnt get what she wanted..
      ^^ Ergo… no pay!
      i guess KOrean behave differently when they are not in Korea.. they kinda get ‘wild” when they are not in their country. especially in a place that is socio-economically lower than them.
      and taxi drivers too.. they dont like Korean passengers..^^
      they have their own reason.
      it would be more interesting if there would be a rational study about this.
      i visited in korea for just two weeks. i kinda observe the way they behave. they are very diligent and obedient.
      but here… i am so sure ^^
      not all though.. i cant generalize but there a great transformation of their attitude and behavior.
      well… God made us all.. we are all EQUAL..
      God bless..

  5. i’ve come across many forums such as the one you came across and i don’t even comment. i just hate when people generalize or say racist things. growing up i’ve experienced racism and i know the feeling of being judged by the color of my skin, and because of that i don’t judge people by the color of their skin.

  6. @jehan >> that’s not really nice… my hubby was robbed twice at gunpoint when he was living in Quezon City and yet he still loves the philippines and he still thinks of pinoys nicely… he gets excited everytime he sees a pinoy here or when he’s abroad
    @ceblogger >> my friends and i are also noisy when we’re together… we were once in a resto and of course, we were catching up on each other’s news… when we stopped talking the place got really quiet…
    @maricel >> i’m sorry you had experienced racism… in my case, i grew up in the philippines but i’m used to seeing foreigners…

  7. that’s really a big point ate betchay— foreigners still fall in love with the philippines inspite of their bad experiences with non-tourist-friendly filipinos… Young-Ho himself wants us to settle down here, either daw sa flower plantations of La Trinidad, Benguet or near the beaches of ilocos… he really loves Philippines…

  8. I think there are a couple of factors to consider…
    First, when I was eating at a Korean restaurant with my Korean friend, I felt like the service was just fine. After we left, my friend told my the waitress was very rude, but since I was not aware of Korean mannerisms and customs, I couldn’t pick it up.
    It’s even funnier at the Koryodong Bakery in NY’s ktown, because it’s notorious for having the most stuck-up and rude Koreans, but I had the nicest and friendliest experience there! I just didn’t pick up on the “I don’t want to be here” attitude my Korean friends talk about.
    So, if there’s a subtle, implicit gesture or something that upsets you, it most likely has to do with a misunderstanding more than anything else. In my case, it was the opposite: they were being rude and I thought they were being nice, but it can just as well be the opposite if a different culture from American collided with Korean culture and mannerisms.
    And if it’s explicit, ok, but generalizations never work <– except for this generalization about generalizations… But not all the time… hehe.

  9. Koreans teach their kids in school that they are racially pure. This is a fact and an impossible fact at that. This is also what the Nazi’s did. Why do you think Hines Ward’s mother, an enthic Korean, literally ran away from Korea? If you want to know about racism in Korea, read what she, a Korean, has to say about it.
    They are educated to be racist. Not all are racist, but if you’re an African man dating or married to a Korean woman for example, your perspective on Korean society would change.
    Believe me, I know racism, I’m Metis. My fater’s “white” and my mom’s Canadian Aboriginal. Koreans do/say things that shock even me, even after ten years of living in Korea. I don’t usually tell Koreans that I’m Metis because of their ideas about race. With the exception of a very few, most Koreans are racist, they just don’t realize it. Sorry, but they’ve prove it time and again. There are no provisions in the Korean constitution in regard to race btw. Read it for yourself.

  10. I HATE KOREANS TOO. They are just rude and stupid. I was in Korea in May, and I can attest that Korea is not multicultural as it tries to project, Seoul is a pile of shitty buildings (the pollution is so bad in some days you can barely see buildings), there are no decent international cuisine there (care for a 75USD per person meal at the 63 building on sloppy and oily steak with stained tablecloths?), and yeah, some old guy took advantage of me when I was at the ticket station at the Seoul Metro (the stupid old guy behind the counter issued two tickets and the old guy took one that was obviously I paid for).
    One story, I was walking home going to my apartment Korea when I saw a hair salon which says”Live Hair Salon”, so I took out the camera and started taking photos kasi nga nakakatawa,tapos biglang lumabas itong Koreana at tinanong ako kung bakit ako nagtetake pictures but tho nakakaintindi ako ng Korean, sinagot ko sya sa English na hindi ako nagsasalita ng Korean pagkatapos nun she swore at me saying in Korean “This fcking foreigners coming to Korea without learning Korean.” I put in the “fcking” there because I understood what she said since I know some Korean myself (she said shiballo- which either means puangina, sonofabitch or fck”- so natigilan ako, at sinigawan ko din sya ng shipal – mura din nila sa Korean. Ng dumaan ako ulit dun, inihian ko nga ang airconditioner nila at tinapon ko sigarilyo sa loob ng aircon. puangina pala sila eh. racist na kung racist. epal sila.
    They dint think I was Pinoy at first because I am a lightskinned Mestizo of Spanish Jew ancestry (I told them of course). Meron din akong pinagalitang Koreano, aba eh, pinaghawak ba naman ako ng umbrellas nya, eh p
    ñeta sya, guest kaya ako sa isang international conference sa Seoul! I was in Seoul for 3 Days, and in a suburb outside of Seoul for about 7 days.
    I dont understand why Filipinos are soo going ga-ga over Koreans. For crying out loud, ano maganda sa walang mata? taena, tingin nila sa mga Pinoy, construction worker, maid at pokpok. Sa Korea, ampapangit ng mga tao, konti lang ang ganyang nakikita nyo sa TV. Yung Han river nila? Mas malinis lang ng konti sa Pasig. Tapos yung Palaces, once you see one- you’ve seen them all. If Seoul is the Soul of Asia, then Buddha forbid, Asia is doomed. Eto pa, hindi magkasya sa akin ang condom na gawang Korea- so kung pupunta ka dun, magdala ka ng stock mo – pero pag nakita mo siguro mga pokpok nila- baka masuka ka lang. Yung iba kasingtanda ng lola mo. Hanapin nyo sa youtube ang video na Korean Hooker Street (sa Icheon yun). Yung sa Seoul, sa may Itaewon yun- meron dun tawag nila Hooker Hill.
    I wouldnt recommend anyone going to Korea. Punta kayo sa ibang bansa, pero Korea is a place you’d like to avoid. It’s expensive and its sh*t- and I mean the people and the place. I’ve been around a lot of nationalities from all over the world, and has travelled quite a bit, and Koreans are the most disgustingly obnoxious people I’ve ever met.

  11. on my flight back from Korea, may tangang Koreano- nagsmoke ba naman sa banyo ng eroplano while nasa himpapawid kami???
    at yung bestfriend ko nagoyo ng mga Koreano sa negosyo dito sa Pilipinas- isang kilalang internet cafe network ito. meron sila jan sa may Makati Ave and Boracay.
    I have friends from the airport sa Clark, sa NAIA and sa Aklan and they tell me, Korean travellers are the rudest. Even golf clubs have banned Koreans from playing. There was even a sign na “No Koreans Allowed.” That’s how bad it is.
    another bestfriend ko, came from a physically abusive relationship with her Korean ex-husband. I saw her with bruises pag nagkikita kami.
    Now, property brokers wouldnt rent out to Koreans na. Kasi once pinarent sila, they would cram a lot of people in one apartment. tsk – cheapskates
    Okay, eto ang latest, ang PE Teacher at Yang Jeong Middle School Girls at Icheon City, Gyeonggi-do Province sa Korea said that lahat ng mga Pinay pokpok daw. Lahat ha, kasama nanay mo at nanay ko. Sinabi nya sa kaibigan kung Australyano last week. O ano?
    My Australian friend got spat on his face because the gook thought he was American.
    Korea Sparkling my cute, bubbly, pinkish Filipino ass.
    NOTE: These are all Firsthand information.

  12. BTW, I just had a fight with one of my friends. Apparently her Korean friends said that Manila was dirty and full of traffic jams. As if ang linis linis ng Seoul. From Seoul to Incheon Airport, the traffic is really bad during weekends. Also any day of the week, the smog covers the city and the traffic is really bad.
    eto pala ang vid ng revenge ko sa lintik na hair salon na yun – http://www.flurl.com/video/16249237_my_revenge.htm
    sorry for flooding..but yeah, I want Koreans leave the Philippines now.

  13. Hotels in the Philippines are wary of accepting Koreans as well, because they totally vandalize the rooms before they check out. At least 5 golf clubs ban Koreans.

  14. Korea is possibly the worst place on Earth for me to be, and every Korean I talk to reinforces that.
    Philippines: Mayor threatens to close hotel where Korean guests continue to smoke despite the ban
    “Ingna ninyo nang mga Koreano (You better tell all those Koreans), if you are in Davao City then follow our laws. Balaod na eh (That’s the law),” Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said.

  15. Whoa… talk about drinking the haterade… Judging by your story, you might not be so fond of NY either…
    Of course, I have no experience with Seoul, but it can’t be that ridiculously bad.

  16. hehe..that post by NoKoreansAllowed is the most sensible post ive seen so far 🙂 nice dude. this is perfectly true with very very few exceptions of course 🙂

  17. Koreans are the most foul, objectionable people I have ever encountered.
    They claim they are ‘better’ than South East Asians because their skin is lighter and that SE Asians are ‘dirty’. Any visit to Korean cities will prove that this is completely ridiculous! Koreans cities are filthy, rancid and putrid rat’s nests without public waste disposal.
    Wise the f**k up Koreans, and lose the superior attitude.

  18. to NoKoreansAllowed-
    sooo true, we have an unwritten rule in our law firm that we don’t accept korean clients. they’re cheap, rude, and obnoxious.
    a golf club in cebu recently refused membership to a korean after the guy scream at a caddie.

  19. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart For you own good. PLEASE , do not trust or do anything positive to a korean. Do not promote koreans, do not condone their wrong doing. Do not let them live pass the 21th centry please.

  20. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart For you own good. PLEASE , do not trust or do anything positive to a korean. Do not promote koreans, do not condone their wrong doing. Do not let them live pass the 21th century please.

  21. Well, I live AND WORK in South Korea, I’ve dated Koreans and Filipinas. All I can say is, Koreans are greedy, arrogant, and ignorant.
    Greedy – Koreans expect to get whatever they want for nothing. If they know you have money, they just ecpect you to give them some or buy them things whenever they want and no matter how much it is. One Korean girl I dated refused to work because I make a lot of money and her dad actaully said I had to pay him 500,000 Won every month because I was dating his daughter. He said, “Your money is my money.” Koreans see people as walking ATMs.
    Arrogant – I have visited several “historical” sites and museums around the country. The Koreans make outrageous and false claims about things they have done. They always assume they are right. I have been corrected when talking about other places around the world. I referenced Egypt once and was told that was not the name of the country.
    Ignorant – I could write forever about this, but anyone who has actually “lived” in Korea or driven anywhere in Korea knows this.
    I have lived in many places around the world, and speak several languages. Korea is so far the most disappointing.
    I have not been to the PI yet, but I have made several pinoy friends, and I am very impressed with the filipino culture, food, and music.

  22. Racism is natural and stereotyping isn’t abnormal either. Stereotypically, Koreans think highly of themselves. It’s a way or rather a motivation to progress in some ways. Filipinos tend to be passive which you can very well see the result. I have to agree with the threadstarter. I’m a KDrama addict and watching the “Golden Bride” is probably the most racist Koreans could be. Oh, and Koreans aren’t too shabby with loyalty either. watch out!
    fonse.s last blog post..Sabi Ni Manager

  23. koreans are a proud race… when i first came here i really hated the way they would brag about their 5000 year history and what they have achieved in the past six decades…
    reading f.sionil jose’s books made me change the way i see that “pride”…
    i haven’t seen Golden Bride… but i remember my vietnamese classmates in my korean class talking about it before…

  24. wow, i am amazed and a bit scared at what i read here. i was thinking of visiting seoul soon, but this doesn’t give me a peace of mind going there now. still, it’s good to read other people’s input.
    kaynis last blog post..Nonconformist Heroine

  25. @kayni >> i guess people’s experiences really differs… most of the people i know who visited the country had a great time here… i also have not experienced the kind of “discrimination” or “racism” that others had… and eversince i had my son, life has been a whole lot easier… i find the people here friendlier and nicer when you have a child…
    Tesha (The Coffee Press) was here in May and i thought she and her cousin had a great time… from what i know they didn’t really have a difficult time here…

  26. just to share something. it could be true that somehow there are really Korean things that are not acceptable even to Koreans. I have a bestfriend, he’s a Korean. One time we went to Manila, it was raining. but we didn’t have any umbrella with us. but suddenly a man shared his umbrella to us. my bestfriend got surprised and told me that such thing is one experience he won’t forgot in the Philippines. He told me that such experience is something impossible in Korea. No one will care about you in that situation he said.

  27. i have lots of Korean classmates in my school and they tend to group together and isolate themselves…it seems they don’t want to be associated with us locals but i do have one other Korean classmate who is really nice and very friendly and i’ve had a childhood guy friend who is Korean…he grew up here but retains Korean culture at home. He’s a great person, never racist. He teaches Korean language at some school, i think.
    I guess Koreans who have lived here long enough (who even learned Tagalog!) tend to adapt Filipino traits and learn to live with and care for the Filipinos they meet. I’m saying most I’ve met are stuck-up and racist but i’ve also met a good few who are really nice and approachable and friendly so I don’t want to generalize.

  28. tama ka bata pa bastos na, biro mo ba naman sabihin ng isang estudyante sa teacher niya, na tanga ang mga pilipino e ang teacher niya pilipino din dba kaya tanga din daw teacher nya, tapos bata pa malilibog na kunwari pa na conservative, basta bastos parang di tinuruan ng manners, mga simpleng manners lang di pa alam, mga dugyot pa, sabi pa nung isang korean na ajuma sa language school namin na kapag si obama na daw naging presidente aalisin na daw mga american call center d2 sa pinas tapos pangit daw mga university sa atin, e bakit sila nandito,tanga pala siya e, tapos bakit ung mga public school teachers sa busan dito nagttraining supported by their local government

  29. Korean pride is an exaggeration born of institutionalized insecurity ingrained in the national culture. Neither the Chinese nor Japanese demonstrate the same uber-defensiveness for anything related to their nation or culture. My Korean friends are constantly experiencing life through a “Korean” lens. Anything ( food, music, politics,etc…) that contains any hint of a Korean influence is defended angrily against any criticism, founded or not. This sort of absolute, aggressive defensiveness allows for no acknowledgment of the circumstances of the discussion or appropriateness of the reaction.
    I live in LA and am surrounded by Koreans, so I know firsthand how ridiculous Korean pride can get. Korean culture is as interesting to me as any other culture and I respect it as much as any other culture. Frankly, all the Koreans need to calm themselves down. Get a clue about things and stop constantly making themselves out to be the aggrieved innocents. Oh, yeah…How about Korean dudes learn how to talk about other cultures without being outright disparaging. “Chi##s”, “Ni@@as”, “Wet%%%s”, etc… If Korea were a person, any therapist would tell them to stop putting others down in an attempt to make themself feel better. Learn Korea.

    I have been happily married to a beautiful Korean farm girl for 22 years now. Her family wasn’t at all responsive in correspondence in all that time. She and I embraced American ideals and have four super great children. Now, after her father contracting cancer and her family basically coming apart; she wants me to get a job in Korea and move the family there. I guess this wouldn’t be such a problem, except that I have a modest life here. It sounds childish; but I don’t want to junk or sell my computers, guns, welders, tools, trucks, and other assorted guy junk in order to fulfill her need to get close to her dysfunctional family. I do understand the need for connections, but uprooting our lives to go to a place where my sons and I won’t be able to shoot or blow anything up seems …. I want her to be happy; however I am certain that after a couple of years of me working 80 plus hour weeks to pay the bills; she won’t be happy. Also there is a small problem with employment. I am an out of work auto worker with a new Associates Degree in Electronics. Most of the Jobs I could get in Korea are for either the U.S. government; or contractors. I left the Military with a bit of a shadow on me; so I must find employment in the civilian sector. In America, this isn’t a problem, but there it is. I want to be good. I want to be loving; but in four years; I found the only part of that country that I can care about at all. (My wife). Now I have to ask, Should I sell / trash/ give away virtually everything I have and risk my children being ostracized in the process for my beloved wife? Should we risk all for an elusive dream of familial bonding? I am just now restarting my life after my first two careers got “yanked out from under me”. My gut tells me that this move will put me permanently in the looser category. I don’t want to let those who depend on me most (my kids) down. I want badly to see them thorough a college education and on to happy lives. What do you think? P.S. I genuinely like Koreans as a general rule, and I don’t get along with most Americans most of the time,; but I earned the right to call the U.S. my home and this is the only place in the world where I can live as I want to and I know the ground rules. I love this place, and I don’t want to go away.

  31. Louie:
    That’s not true, I’ve been offered to share the same umbrella during heavy rains. So whatever he/she told you goes down the drain.
    All races group themselves together when they’re familiar among eachother, if you go to American schools of any level…you’ll usually see blacks with blacks, asians with asians, white with whites and so on. Sometimes you’ll see intermingled groups, but that’s out of the norm unless the school is predominantely for example all whites with few asians or others. It’s called a comfort zone, it’s a very common natural human social dynamics.
    Joe Jo:
    I agree with you that Koreans are emotional people. They’re also very curious and passionate people, that’s why South Korea has developed so fast from one of the poorest countries in the world after the Korean War to the 12 largest economy in the world in a span of only 50 years and was able to host the olympics in only 35 years after the war. Keep in mind that it usually takes 200-300 years or more for such development, if North and South unites, look out…give it another 50 years and they will overtake Japan. With such neckbreaking rapidly developed pace, the bad thing is that many of its people have not developed adapting to the outsiders. But I think that will change too very shortly as the old pre and post Korean War generation perishes, the X and Y generation along with their offsprings will set new footprints. Oh Chinese are very defensive, I’ve had my experiences with them…if you bring up China’s poor human rights issues, agressive occupation of Tibet, cheap dangerous products that’s killing the babies and pets…believe me they will lash back like there’s no tomorrow. Japanese are defensive in other ways, they’re more quiet and tend to keep it to themselves but that doesn’t mean they will forget…they’re always working behind the scenes and if they have a chance for a payback, believe me they will. Koreans just are more blunt, they show their emotions more so than the Chinese or Japanese and some people just can’t seem to handle the bluntness or directness. All in all, everyone can be defensive if attacked…it’s our natural human defense mechanism, it’s just that some people have different ways of displaying defense.
    Sorry to hear that. I don’t have the answer for you, all I can do is wish things workout for you.

  32. hehe… i just can’t hate koreans because i experience kindness here almost on a daily basis and of course my husband and his family are koreans… i have wonderful korean friends and my son is half-korean… and the positive person in me always sees the good things in people rather than their negative aspects (except on those extra exceptional days when my more betchy side surfaces)
    one thing i find both enviable and annoying about koreans is their nationalism…

  33. Yes, I am a Korean and I’ve lived in the US for almost 9 years now. I ‘used to be’ a quote on quote Korean who not many people could stand. But luckily, interacting with foreigners and westerners for about 10 years now, the ‘Korean lens’ that sort of blinded my vision has lifted off (completely? I am not sure). I consider myself NOT Korean nor American, but just who I am now, since I act soo differently from Koreans and kind of similar to American people. I do experience this ‘I hate Koreans’ days almost everytime I interact with Korean people.. And I know, that is a sad thing..
    Before I go on any further, I found this ‘negative’ aspect from all ethnic groups living in CA, WA, IL states for almost 10 years, and Koreans were NOT one of the worst nor any ‘stand out’ ethnic group that produces problems over any other groups contrary to some views. And that is my completely honest opinion.
    I do like to talk about what ’causes’ Koreans to be VERY defensive and a lot of the times offensive to a fault, since I have grown up in Korea and have attended the education system in my early years of life.
    A few biggest things that must be erased from Korean culture for the nation to be a livable place:
    1) “If you are older, you ARE a greater being” culture. —
    I know, that is not what they TEACH people, but that is
    what the faulty “confucious influenced” culture makes a human being to become, at least in Korea. Basically, young people MUST NOT talk back to an older person (even if they are 1 year older), and they MUST bow down to every older being. What this creates is “You must bow down to me because I am older. AND I get to act however I want in front of you” mentality. Which is inhuman. Sigh. I am a victim of that and for the same reason, you will experience many hard-minded hot heads in corporations, schools, and of course in the government.
    2) Language Issue–
    The negative mindset above, can be supported greatly
    by the language Koreans speak. Korean language is a
    very interesting language for that matter, because there
    are ways to say “hello” in a respectful way or as toward
    a friend, or in a disrespectful way (really, it’s not just 3 different ways, there are a lot…). But here comes the issue: if you are one year older than other person, you don’t have to speak in a respectful way and go ahead to use a ‘disrespectful'(speaking down to a person) way of language. Of course, the younger ones MUST respond with
    respectful (honorific) words. Needless to say, this many times forms pride in one person, and very negative hatred in another. And imagine this is what EVERY KOREANS go through on daily basis.
    2) Education system —
    If Japan is well-known to foreigners about ‘hiding dirty facts’ that they comitted in the past, Korea should be mentioned here about ’emphasizing GREATLY on the oppressed past’ issue that they have in the school, and
    in the text books. I remember from 1st grade in elementary school in Korea, learning about the oppressed periods that were caused by Japan and even China, plus
    North Korea in the past. Korea is clearly the victim here (and yes Korean were), and other guys are very well bad guys who killed our ancestors. I think what is important here is to emphasize on the fact that even though the past was dark, people must forgive one another, unite and create peace to have a brighter future. But in my opinion, what I have learned in the school system was “Be better than others so you can topple them, and have security.”
    At least that was the impression I’ve received from the history class and others.
    3) Consumption of overly spicy (Hot) food… —
    “What? Are you joking me?” Some might say, and yes it
    does sound ridiculous. I do not know if it has been scientifically proved, but I notice a great majority of people anywhere who indulge on hot food have a short temper and a very “hot” personality. Spicy food is notorious of Korean culture. And I believe it definitely effects how the population acts and makes decisions in many areas.
    — Okay, here is what I believe and know to be true:
    People are WATER. Yes 90% of a human body consists of
    water(H2o) and water can change its form very quickly depending on the ‘experience’ it has.
    visit this site:http://www.life-enthusiast.com/twilight/research_emoto.htm
    and please know the facts. SO, that is a part of the reason
    why I believe what we intake has a great outcome of the state we are in at any give time.
    4) A WRONG Public Motto —
    “Plagiarism is Mother of Creativity” –> this is a motto (or an ‘old saying’) that every Koreans can tell you there is nothing wrong with if you talk to them. I’ve been taught this as well be 1 million other Koreans that I talked to in Korea and possibly, this ‘belief’ might be the biggest driving force of Koreans to down right copy other’s work without feeling any kind of guilt. Korea is not a big country (South Korea that is), and this wrong motto is something that probably everyone has heard of at least 50 times in their elementary school years.
    5) Sigh —
    I guess there are many more but, in the same sense I can
    talk about the issues with Americans, Japanese, Italians,
    Mexicans and so forth. Important thing I wanted get across to whoever that is reading this post is that there is a “reason” why Koreans are that way, and you might understand them better and possibly learn from the those so that you won’t go through the same experiences in life, but make it a positive one.
    Another wierd thing in Korea is that “If you smile a lot, you
    are acting like a fool” belief. It almost seems like Korean are locking themselves up in this negative ‘box’ and keeping themselves in there with a lot of righteous reasons. I used to think that way, until I have noticed the “positivity” and “negativity” that can effect a person’s character and happiness in life.
    I think this is one GOOD thing that I LOVE about Korea people. Is this thing about “Care” towards their neighbors.
    If you become a close friend or a beloved neighbor towards a decent (well pretty much any normal Koreans) Koreans, they will easily go great length in helping you in
    pretty much every area of your life. I can say this is a ‘different’ thing compared to many different culture because of this interesting aspect: In many western cultures, people keep their business to themselves and actually like to keep it that way. But in Korea, they like to share what they are going through in very personal level,
    which could easily seem as “invasive” in other cultures. I guess they all have good and bad side of it, but as being a regular 26 year old guy, I do not mind having a few close friends who will sacrifice many things in helping me when I am in need. I think this can VERY WELL overlook other negative areas I have mentioned above.
    A tip about making a good Korean friends that will last you
    lifetime, and will not act like a two face compared to many other people in different cultures?
    – Be tough, Koreans are tough people.
    – Be honest, Koreans can tell the lies
    – Be Giving. Contrary to popular belief, Koreans LOVE giving back, if they know you sincerely mean your generosity.
    Well, I will end it here today. Hopefully you’ve got something out of it.

  34. I hate Korea and Koreans, totally and completely. I have lived in Japan, China, Mexico, Korea, Canada, and the US. In total I have traveled to over 20 countries. I have only ended up hating the Koreans, a deep deep heavy hate. I am like a mirror, shine on me and you will get it ten fold back, give me racist attitude shit and you will also get it back ten fold. I was never extremely racist until living in Korea, the mirror is giving back what it received. Love Filipinos but HATE Koreans.

  35. after reading all this, this made me a little worried. i have a korean boyfriend he wants to visit my place. but my parents think koreans are racist in general. im more even confused right now. i like the guy so much.

  36. I must say, “NoKoreansAllowed” and any others, as a matter of fact, that you all are fools. One must, to get a better stance on this matter, define racism. What, in fact, my dearly ignorant idiots, is racism? Is it a hate to a particular race? A hate to a particular people in the race? You all say that only few Koreans are not racist, like my friend “NoKoreansAllowed” here (what an idiotic name by the way. What are you, five years old? haha. sorry about that ^^). Therein lies the peak of racism, negligence of the fact that other races can think. Koreans, too, can distinguish generalization, idiot, Koreans are human too, and thus can process as one, and so you would hear them, if they were to speak against a race, that “most people” are blah blah and etc. that is not different from us, my blathering idiots. Be ashamed, as you should be, for you were mocking a race for their racism with racism. Is it fire against fire? Although a good tactic, such is not good for one to express hate for a specific race. So, bluntly put, for simpletons like you all, everyone is racist, be it a negro mother-fucker with a baseball bat as a whack, or freaking narrow eyed asian with uptight pants or an idiotic simple-minded mideastern vinladen fans like yourselves. HAHAHA Fuk you simpletons, you got dissed by a freshman in Highschool. To think that adults in this society could be such an idiot makes me laugh. I surpassed your thoughts in 3rd grade. Peace out, dawgs. HAHAHAHHAHA

  37. I can’t really say that I hate Koreans since they were pretty nice in the US. But here in the Philippines its a totally different story. Koreans from Korea are incredibly rude from what I have seen in my short time here.
    I’ve noticed that native Filipinos don’t really fight back with them. I’m Filipino (American born) and if any of them treated me like crap I’d let them have it. I don’t know why Filipinos take that in their own country. Nobody would dare come to the US and treat the American people like garbage unless they wanted to get beat up!!! So why do Filipinos allow Koreans to do this to them???
    It seems as though people from Korea haven’t really been exposed to different types of people. That probably explains their mentality in the Philippines. Back in the US Koreans consider other cultures as just being other people. No opinions of being superior to another race just respectful of others. Although there are a few exceptions. But I think Filipinos should fight back with them. Its your country so why should someone come into your own home and disrespect you???

  38. I lived in Korea twice and taught English there.I am a white guy from the states. I had some pretty hostile adult students who liked to constantly argue.I also got a lot of death stares from middle aged men.One time I was walking with some Korean female coworkers and a guy called them whores and traitors for being with a white person.Other than that I never felt physically threatened like I have in some US cities. That being said, I always felt like an unwanted visitor there.I also got screwed over financially by both schools I worked for.I felt really bad for some of the workers I met there from SE Asia though.
    On a sad and final note, I noticed the worse and more rudely treated people, the more respect I got.

  39. Fortunately for me, most of the Koreans I met were pretty good, moderate, and sociable folks, who were willing to be friends with other races. A lot of Koreans who fly over here nowadays are the ones that I truly, deeply hate..the bad-mannered, obnoxious, and sometimes racist Koreans. There was a time my dad was being entertained at the check-in counter at the NAIA terminal 2 when this gook asshole just went in between the check-in counter and my dad and waved his plane ticket to the point he hit my dad’s face with it. Pissed off, my dad pushed the poor bastard so hard that the gook fell flat on his back. He had it coming anyway.
    If a Korean has this swagger you don’t like or badmouths you or whatever, kick his ass!
    They’re here in the Philippines. As long as they behave themselves, that’s OK. Just don’t let your guest fuck with you in your own house.

  40. I really dont have anything bad to say about koreans. I’m filipino canadian and ive never really felt any racial tension when i hang around with them koriyanos (just like how my mom calls them). I’ve actually met a couple of korean dudes that i can now honestly call brothers. The girls are really nice too u just have to pick who you hang around with. From my experience, the better looking (dressed, u know with the fancy bags and shoes) the girl it seems that her personality tends to go the opposite way. This is just from my experience. I have a korean lady friend that is so warm and caring. She really makes me feel like family and genuinely wants our friendship. But dont be fooled by some korean girls. They may act shy and delicate as a butterfly but they are clever. Sometimes too clever. On a different note, we cant really blame koreans (ww2 and post war generations) to not like other countries such as Japan or China. If anything we should have sympathy for what those two countries did to theirs. Just look back on what the Japs did to the filipinos during ww2. Let us not be hypocritical. Let us give them time to heal and eventually the new generation will be more accepting. That is just my take on it.
    “Wouldnt it be such a nicer world every filipino are nice? People might give u a hard time but just bite your tongue and do good to them in return. Eventually they will like you and you’ll get along” – me
    thats the motto i stick to my head when a person from a different background gives me a hard time. So lets just all get along everyone. Koreans, filipino, whites, blacks, it doesnt matter we’re all stuck together.

  41. I’m korean and I love all races, in fact most of my friends are filipinos. This blog, thread, is f’king bullshit. All of the people saying hateful shit to koreans either have their own problems or are just jealous. I’ve had bad experiences with all races. Don’t f’king generalize.

  42. I’m Filipino and I’d say I’ve met and worked with quite a bunch of people of different races. Except with Koreans, I encountered (lived & worked) mostly Asian people; Chinese, Japanese (mostly), Nepalese,Vietnamese, Indonesian, Sri-Lankans, Taiwanese, Egyptians, Arabians, Americans, Africans, Canadians, British: Each culture has its distinct characteristics, good and bad. Its a matter of understanding and giving time to learn even a little bit about them. Don’t just listen to one’s opinion, either with good or bad experience. And learn from it…it is important always how you will react on them and how you can protect yourself. And it is very important that you know yourself first and that you yourself is not perfect…
    I would love to see Korea in the next few months, its actually in first list to visit on my next vacation. I’ve read and searched about Korea and I’m willing to give a try.
    I’m fond of meeting and making friends from other countries. Fortunately, I got the majority of kindness and goodness of these people I’ve met. Probably because of the positive things I showed them as well. Of course I met some undesirable people as well, but i did not concentrate on them. There are so many positive and good things to count on…. I can always respect what other people’s opinion may be. Let’s not forget that even Filipinos have some undesirable traits…
    Bottom line is…… (up to you to fill up)(“,)

  43. I think using the word HATE, for any reason seems to be inappropriate. And when we are doing so, we have to take care that we are not bringing in the things that have happened in the past, and are completely out of an area wherein we can do something about it.

  44. i hope people won’t generalize. it’s true that there are rude, obnixous and racist koreans. why? aren’t there rude, obnoxious, and racist filipinos? americans? australians? chinese? europeans? ive been to other countries and i saw both the good and bad side of every person/ race. ive been to korea and met great people there. i experienced extreme hospitality, friendliness and respect from them even if i am from a poor country – Philippines. i have very close korean friends who treat me like a real sister since i am younger than them. of course, i also had infuriating experiences from Koreans who are staying here in the Phils but i just shook them off knowing there are Filipinos who are also bad to their “kababayans”. there are harsh people everywhere…that’s the point!

  45. i can never forget what Edu manzano said one time on a interview, i love to travel, been to many places and countries ,lahat yun gusto ko balikan , but never ,never ako babalik sa korea , yung mga tao dun ibang klase ang ugali ,they thought sila lang ang anak ng diyos…. i’m interested in korean culture , i used to write KBS and i recieved many gifts from them , but sometimes i can’t help but be dssappointed with their “pure race attitude”,i’ve watched an episode of Love in Asia a few days ago and i cried for this russian woman who is married to a korean for 10 years already and still she is not accepted by the husband’s family , it breaks my heart to watch their son asking his father when can he visit his father’s parents.but it is also wrong to judge them generally, coz meron din namang maaayos na koreans .

    1. hi lanie! i didn’t see that episode of Love in Asia but that’s really sad that the russian woman isn’t accepted by her husband’s family… but like you said that is not the case for EVERY foreign spouse in korea (my PILs like me more than their korean DILs)… and for every nasty korean there is also a nice and kind-hearted korean…

  46. yesterday, we met a very nice young korean man in moen store,megamall. he surprised us by speaking fluently in tagalog. then in the course of conversation, we learned that he is a veterinarian working as a consultant for the negros government. he loves the philippines and finds that the climate perfect in bacolod.he is very good, humble with no traces of arrogance . i have a niece at st. paul’s pasig and she said her korean classmates generally don’t mingle with them at first but in the course of time, learn to adapt and adjust to the school/environment. one thing i notice though in kdramas, there is this underlying air of superiority complex, that everything is better in korea from hospitals to doctors, educational system etc. etc. how can it be good when korean students are physically hit by teachers.do labor laws in korea allow their workers to b slapped around when they make mistakes.in th ephilippines nad elsewhere that’s a big no-no. daughters-in-law are also slapped around and treated like maids or something.
    why do koreans insist on living all together in one house when they get married. i was thinking of one bathroom to be used and the commotion it creates in the morning. they don’t encourage their children to live independently and create their own space.
    koreans are just like any other ethnic group, there are good, decent people just as there are obnoxious types.

    1. hi ellen! i’d like to comment on the DILs being treated like maids… in Korean culture, housework is a wife’s responsibility (Confucianism is deeply ingrained in this part of the world)… when i had my first Chuseok and i had to join my elder sisters-in-law in doing all the household chores, i felt that i was being maltreated… now that i think about it, i was just overreacting especially that my first sister-in-law really has so much responsibility
      living together in one house… traditionally, the first son has the responsibility to take care of the parents… btw, we live separately from my parents-in-law and so do my husband’s siblings… housing is pretty expensive in Korea, specially in Seoul and living separately from one’s parents is just not feasible for most…
      superiority complex… i don’t disagree with you on that and in fact this is something that i both envy and loathe… i really get irritated before whenever koreans brag about their 5,000 year old history (debatable to some) and culture and how they were able to build their country and become the 11th (or 13th) biggest economy in the world in such a short time… but now, i really wish that we could be the same for our country… when my family sometimes ask me about philippine culture and history, i feel ashamed that i couldn’t tell them as much since i don’t really know a lot (i watched too much american shows/movies and read more american books than filipino ones) so i guess this is one of the reasons that now i’m more into philippine history/culture/literature…

  47. I think Koreans are racist and rude. However, Koreans are also very caring people.
    I live in Cebu and i have been teaching English to Koreans for almost over 3 years now. In fact, I was able to interact with them more than as a student but as a friend. When you teach Koreans in academies, which is usually the case on how many Filipino get to know them, they are actually nice… Well, blame it on the Filipino’s “care-for-the-foreigner-attitude”. All we see is how nice and good they are. I never had any racist encounters with Koreans when i was a teacher. but I had 1, only 1, experice i just couldnt forget..:
    Me:”I am your teacher.”
    Student:”You are only 21 years old.”
    (of course, this sounds so simple but it isn’t)
    Geeezzz.. although i know how KOreans consider age SO MUCH, i was still speechless wheni heard that. Koreans are so into age and i couldnt understand it. Im a Filipino.. I have FRIENDS who are 30, 21, 15, 25. But with KOreans, you can never be friends with someone older than you. Yes, strange. If someone is older than you, they tell me that the relationship is more formal.. ?? what??? Like respect them. Or treat them as higher than me.
    … then, I had the chance to live with a Korean in an apartment, just the two of us. We quickly became friends and later bestfriends. Later, he cleared it out to me that we can never become friends. HELL! .. He told me that we can, however, be brothers. well, okay. No problem. Later, things got awful. He would start saying, dont do this because im older, dont this because it is rude in Korea, dont do this because you are younger than me. WHAT??? good lord, After a long time, I thought his “Korean lens” was gone but it is just something they cant get over with, i guess.
    I say to myself:”It’s okay. Its their culture and its how they think.”
    The other side of me say:”It’s not okay. When Koreans see you do something wrong, they say dont do it. They never let you go of your mistakes, or of your being a FILIPINO just because of your culture. Since when did he give you a an excues saying, ‘he is a filipino. just forget about it.’ .. but they never do. They still think this is their country. They all base on what is good and bad in the ‘korean way’.”
    I say to myself:” I know that. But despite all this trouble, Koreans do care about you and would gladly return back all the favor to you. When other Koreans talk something bad about me in Korean (which i understand), he saved me.”
    I cant just hate Koreans. Probably, i do hate how they think. But you cant blame them.
    So, i told a Korean once:”okay,I should respect you not because you are respectable but because you are older than me.” .. then silence. lol. he told me, “You dont respect my culture.” What the hellll… lol
    Anyway, Koreans are koreans. Experienced both good and bad. But as a Filipino, I always tell myself, they are Koreans and its how they think. Just let it go but when they do something bad, fight back! I hope i think on both sides of the story.. and i hope Koreans can do so.. probably, after a millenia..lol.. there are more Korean behavior which i find amusing(good and bad) but let’s just stick to the age thing.
    “I never understand the age thing; i can never be your friend. But im telling you, you are my friend. If you are my brother, then you’d be lving life miserably.” lol

  48. I just hate it how they are starting to invade the philippines like the chinese did before. What really pisses me off is that they feel so superior and treat filipino employees poorly. It sucks pa na they have a superior attitude when sila dapat mahiya and respectful satin coz this is our country. I’m sure marami namang mabait but most of those who are putting up businesses here are not and I can totally condone genocide of koreans here in our country, Its too much@! i hate them with a fury@!

  49. Yeah, I agree that it’s not right to generalize bad traits of other nationalities. Basically, impressions towards another is a form of conditioning either gained through experience or environment. Forming impressions whether negative or otherwise is one’s own prerogative since we cannot control people’s thoughts. However, to try and convince others to arrive at the same impression is an altogether different matter and only serves to create divisiveness. I’m sure that even in Korea people from the cities have certain negative impressions of Koreans who came from the rural areas and those who grew up in other countries. In the Philippines we also tend to have differing impressions of people who come from regions that speak a different dialect. The Taiwanese have negative impressions of Chinese mainlanders who are now “invading” them as tourists. The Filipino-Chinese also have the same negative perceptions towards mainlanders and vice-versa. And yet, they’re supposed to have sprung from the same Confucian cultures.Amusing how people are the same and yet somehow different from each other. If I’m not mistaken I believe there’s a branch of study related to these things called Sociology.

  50. I heard that you have to be “white” to teach ESL in Korea!!!
    I’m a US citizen who was born and raised in the US and was rejected because of my ethnicity (non-white)….True story!!!!!!!!!
    Although I was born in the U.S. I was looked at as a non-American by Koreans. I never thought that something like that would never happen. I mean I had all of the qualifications but the one thing that mattered to them most was my complexion. Sad but true that these people are f*cking racist. I could go on and on but I won’t. My advice for people in the Philippines is “Don’t take crap from these people when they come to the Philippines”!!!!
    Yeah they bring in money to the country but they have to because they really couldn’t do it back when they were in Korea! If someone looks down at you or gives you an attitude then fight back. Don’t just take it!!!!

  51. Hello, I’m a Korean living in China. I’m a 17 year-old
    teenager, and I am not here to start swearing at situations I’m not clear of. However, I find it hard to believe that anyone who can swear and show racist behaviors towards South Koreans can also be the innocent victims of evidently cruel and ruthless Koreans. I personally have friends from every ethnicity, and I do not start categorizing people by the skin color. I know there are a lot of retarded Koreans that think they’re the best and everything but I also know for a fact that there are many who don’t care where you’re from, as long as you’re polite. I don’t think people should really generalize an entire group of people just from their experiences with the most narrowsited individuals. I hope my comment will help people reconsider their attitude towards Korean people… Thanks.. bye!

    1. Wow… you’re young and yet you showed intercultural competence with your comment

  52. I’m now in Korea with my dog, I can understand Korean a little bit. Yes, They are mostly rude, arrogant and obnoxious. They make me feel insulted all the time.
    Ok, when I’m out walking my dog in Korea, some of Korean people always come to me, then ask; “Oh it’s very cute, How old is that?” then I said; “She’s 7 years old.” then every Korean I met who heard this always surprised and said “Oh.. poor thing, hey it’s 7 years old, it’s granny.” I couldn’t understand why they were reacting like this. She’s not poor even if she’s 100. and Why the age is so important to them? they always ask age first. They generally think old one is bad and brand new is cool. Some of Korean dog owners also freaked me out. They said to my dog(not to me), “Our one is 2000 dollars”, “It’s American cocker spaniel, it costs 1000 dollars 7 years ago.” So what? dog’s are not the money! of course I didn’t ask them first. My dog, her breed is pekingese. pekingese originally have short legs. and I think it’s beautiful. and you know what they really don’t like short legs, they like LONG LEGS LIKE WESTERN PEOPLE.” They laughed at my dog, “look at her, she has short legs.” they are so weird. they are alway trying to act like western people, especially American. They think English words are fancy. but they really hate American. They like to say fucking USA. Actually they don’t know anything about USA. The thing that I hate about them is they are just ignoring their own, and trying to be others. Now I think they don’t know their selves at all.
    I regret learning their language. I wish I couldn’t understand Korean.

  53. I’m now in Korea with my dog. I can understand Korean a little bit.
    Yes, Koreans are mostly rude, arrogant and obnoxious.
    But They don’t think their behavior is bad. because that’s Koreans.
    Ok, I was walking my dog in Korea, some of them came to me and said; “Oh, it’s really cute. How old is it?”
    and I said; “She’s 7years old.” and almost everyone who heard this surprised and said; “Oh, poor thing. Hey she’s 7. she’s wrinkled granny, she’s too old.” I couldn’t understand why they were reacting like this. My dog isn’t poor even if she’s 100.
    Some of Korean dog owners also freaked me out. They said to my dog(not to me), “Hey, My one is 2000 dollars.” “It is American Cocker Spaniel, cost 1000 dollars 7 years ago.” “He’s name is Alberto, he only understands English. He’s pedigree dog.” So what Koreans? Dogs are not the money. and they think the English words(like American, NYC, Newyorker) are fancy. And you know what they actually don’t know anything about Americans, Newyorkers or something. They don’t even know their selves. They really hate USA. they like to say fucking USA. of course they don’t know the meaning of word fuck. I think their own Korean culture is beautiful. but they totally lost it. They are ignoring their own, and always trying to be Someone. I feel very insulted from them all the time. I highly regret learning their language. I wish I could not understand Korean.

    1. No, I ‘m not hating Koreans because of my dog.
      It was one of my stories. What are you thinking? You don’t judge me if you don’t know me. Do you think I’m an idiot teenager? I can tell you more about them if you want. Now I can see, You must be Korean. Koreans always have to obey the elders(not a respect one) and always think the elders are more wise and know life than the youngers. so you’re asking my age, right? ok, I’m 490.

  54. that’s definitely Korean.
    Koreans, You need to stop judging others with your wrong way. How can you live with yourself?
    Judge yourself before judging others.

  55. I am Korean and I agree that some koreans are rude. But not all of them. I feel bad that many people in other countries hate Korean. I think we, the Koreans should improve and be nice. Well… I’m not the rude one.. hehe

    1. There are lots of koreans in our country…it’s bothering me and my family and my friends because it seems a lot lot more koreans are coming…at school, they really are arrogant, rude, obnoxious, and racist…
      at the parlor a korean mother came shouting at the stylist because the haircut of her son did not suit her taste…
      at my place, a korean friend (or so i thought) rejected my asking for a little piece of help…
      i wonder, why koreans think of us way so little…
      that’s why it cant be helped for me to hate them all and wish them all to disappear from our land, and go back to their country…
      it has been quiet then in our country, free from racists, until these people came…
      -A concerned citizen

  56. Hello everyone!
    actually, I am not a Korean, I am a Filipino.
    For me, I think this case that we are talking to is applicable to any race.
    I mean if we say that some Koreans are rude, obnoxious and arrogant, I think there are some Filipinos also as well as with the other races who are of the same..meaning, bad people are everywhere!
    But the best thing that we should do is to simply reflect to ourselves and see if we have these undesirable traits and for us to change it so we could not be judged negatively by others too.Have a nice day!

  57. I lived in korea for a while and they made my live a living Hell. I now live in Europe and I have and will repay them for what they have done to me. In Europe, destroying Koreans is considered pest control and I will do my bit.
    Another good piece of news is that that Kim Jong Ill is going to send a few neuks to wipe out seoul. I think the international community has had enough of xenophopic Korea and will force them to sort their own refugee problems out in the aftermath, unlike the first korean war. They will experience retribution the likes never seen by any nation of the modern world and thoroughly deserve it!

  58. only people who have hate toward other country its bc rather he is stupit or came from poor family…
    u know philipino hate there country but weathly uk or german people love philipine bc they dont have stupit complex.
    u can talk with any ofw they hate there own people..who told me??philpino taxie drivers and local philipino.
    in philipine people go to collage bc they just want to get out of philipine ….so pls dont judge korean …with out a korean all 6 star hotal will close ,and all school will shut down..cebu servived bc of touriest,and who its number touriest???its korean! not american not japanse or uk..
    pluse korean people love philipino even they are bad ,,,bc we understand them,,,1980 korea was poor like philipine …

  59. if philipino working for philipino and he get fire and he cant say shit….but if he work for korean he get fire he will go to dti next day…
    most philipino cant say shit to there own people even they do bad thing to them….but they sure to talk a lot of shit to korean bringing business in philipine…
    also taliking about kimjung ill ,,,lol
    what about daniel smith who rape philipina …he go home free..bc he pay there family 1m peso!lol. thats what u call fuck up! not korean…u can say shit to country who can speak english…but talk shit to korean bc they cant apply u back.mmmmmmm may be they are busy working…dont have time to apply to person with self low steam…
    i dnt see philipino chiness people apply in this kind of nonsence page…i guss philipino chiness people are wiser and smart.

  60. I see many people here who think they understand koreans.
    In truth, Korean are awful.
    I lived in Korea for five awful years. I found them to be trash thier culture worthless and hostile to everyone. I was treated nice IF a korean knew the position I held. I am white and American I can’t immagine how difficult it must be for other Aisans here! Koreans hate them most of all. They have zero respect for others and claim to be victims of Japan yet DO worse to other countries and other people now!
    South Korea is a destination country for women trafficked from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.), the Philippines, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries for sexual and labor exploitation. Some women and girls were trafficked to become brides for South Korean men or to work in child sex tourism. 4 Some victims were recruited by false promises of employment in the entertainment industry but were later coerced into exploitative conditions. 5 Many NGOs expressed concern about the child sex tourism in South Korea. Although South Korea has extraterritorial laws to prosecute South Korean citizens for child sexual exploitation abroad, there have been no prosecutions. ”
    I have lived abroad almost 20 years now and visited over 50 countries. I have always believed there were good and bad in every country and that people were people. I have enjoyed 15 of the 20 years abroad. The five years I had to live in that worthless country changed my mind. I for one agree with the Koreans on one issue ALL American soliders should leave Korea and let the North have them. Not ONE American should die or one dollar spent to protect that country!
    You Korean Illegally stay in the states march in the streets to demand rights that YOU don’t give ANYONE in your country.
    Remember if a Korean man kills is non-korean wife he get less time in jail just because she isn’t Korean. You cheat and lie and NOT paying for what you owe is epidemic in Korea. You can’t be trusted I make sure that when any American asks about Korea I tell them!
    Oh, and when outside of your country……….try something I enjoy putting these genetic throw backs in thier places!

  61. i know money people think they understand usa.
    usa people have sex with minors in philipine u can see them in mall and boracoy. no need to explain u all philipino are my witness..u see old american have sex with young children u often see that around you…
    this american say same story to philipine also
    sex touriest but who its the customer?? its sick pervert american lol…this white american its talking about him self bc he its the customer in korean sex club i guss..
    and u all the usa people are two face they smile out side than they fuck u..
    white american make fun of latino they are illigal citizen and black people must die and make fun of chiness people . they also make fun of philipino RN who trying to make a profestional living…i think in some way white trash have stupit complex also bc we the third citizen doing good and making money…for example u know manila people hate cebu people …manila people call cebuno a monkey or yaya the make joke like that bc cebu become big and makeing money …u see thats how it work when korean or chiness or philipno do good and become rich and famouse ..white trash will get angry and make a statement …i think this white american also make statement toward philipino and chiness japaness …

  62. Wow…that’s all I can say…no wonder the world is almost ending. So much hate. Happy Monday everyone!

  63. daniel said:
    only people who have hate toward other country its bc rather he is stupit or came from poor family…
    u know philipino hate there country but weathly uk or german people love philipine bc they dont have stupit complex.
    u can talk with any ofw they hate there own people..who told me??philpino taxie drivers and local philipino.
    in philipine people go to collage bc they just want to get out of philipine ….so pls dont judge korean …with out a korean all 6 star hotal will close ,and all school will shut down..cebu servived bc of touriest,and who its number touriest???its korean! not american not japanse or uk..
    pluse korean people love philipino even they are bad ,,,bc we understand them,,,1980 korea was poor like philipine …
    if philipino working for philipino and he get fire and he cant say shit….but if he work for korean he get fire he will go to dti next day…
    most philipino cant say shit to there own people even they do bad thing to them….but they sure to talk a lot of shit to korean bringing business in philipine…
    also taliking about kimjung ill ,,,lol
    what about daniel smith who rape philipina …he go home free..bc he pay there family 1m peso!lol. thats what u call fuck up! not korean…u can say shit to country who can speak english…but talk shit to korean bc they cant apply u back.mmmmmmm may be they are busy working…dont have time to apply to person with self low steam…
    i dnt see philipino chiness people apply in this kind of nonsence page…i guss philipino chiness people are wiser and smart.
    i know money people think they understand usa.
    usa people have sex with minors in philipine u can see them in mall and boracoy. no need to explain u all philipino are my witness..u see old american have sex with young children u often see that around you…
    this american say same story to philipine also
    sex touriest but who its the customer?? its sick pervert american lol…this white american its talking about him self bc he its the customer in korean sex club i guss..
    and u all the usa people are two face they smile out side than they fuck u..
    white american make fun of latino they are illigal citizen and black people must die and make fun of chiness people . they also make fun of philipino RN who trying to make a profestional living…i think in some way white trash have stupit complex also bc we the third citizen doing good and making money…for example u know manila people hate cebu people …manila people call cebuno a monkey or yaya the make joke like that bc cebu become big and makeing money …u see thats how it work when korean or chiness or philipno do good and become rich and famouse ..white trash will get angry and make a statement …i think this white american also make statement toward philipino and chiness japaness …
    pathetic,isn’t it?

  64. NO country is perfect, NO human is perfect.
    Therefore, NO ONE has the right to judge ANYONE.
    Each one of us carry these traits may it be goodness or being evil -No matter what race, color, language, shape and nationality you have.
    We’re all STiLL learning to co-exist…that’s why we need to broaden our minds and learn to respect one another.
    (PS.Nakaka-aliw naman ang mga komentaryo dito. Napa-comment tuloy ako.hihihi)

  65. yes u are right…
    but philipine its still nice people ,because ,did u ever wonder why people all around the word visit philipine even philipine people scame americans and kinap ransom perverty no job hunger…i think bc philipine are nicer than other country …people say shit about philino but y they keep coming here bc they philino knows how to treat people..i guss …people use to think white american its kind and nice people back in a days…but now they have no respact from other country …bc u all know y..they think they are supuroir…i remember when they had election in usa ..white folks are buying guns like crazy and gun store was busy at that time..white people are scare of black people ,,and hate them from there hart. i mean hate ..they realy hate them.i was there and i hear what they say..to black people
    china told usa to shut up …china told usa have no right to run there mouth..any other country can make a statment but usa have no right ,,,,
    i dont have to explain why …if u are asian u all know y
    even europian dont like usa also candian ….
    most american are under educate it..
    i was police officer in us when i was young …most of them cant even spell right just like me lol..
    this american talk about korean history lol
    they dont u talk about bush admintration lol…
    and look what happen to usa now..
    i dont mine philipino hate korean and making statement. bc i know korean have bad ruputations and they do monkey business in ph , but just like korean american we follow jewish people in usa …same as ph korean follow chiness philipino .when they arrived long time ago ..now i most of korean going back to korean bc business its slow,,at list korean people can go back to there country we have place to go back,,,but back in a day jewish people had no place to go back ,,also philipino chiness had no place to back ..when they arrived in philipine bc most of them was reject it from china …most koreans in philipino its same way they are reject it from korea..they are not a class ..most a class korean will go study in america or canada austria..
    i m sorry to philipino people bc korean people are rude ,,
    i hope soon or later we korean and philipino can have good friendship just like ph chiness..,

  66. All I got to say is never to work for or with Koreans who are not americanized. They are like money hungry animals. They will just take your money because it is there. Be careful.

  67. Hi To all! I enjoy your comments… I love Philippines!!! Korea? Yes, a bit. Y? I experienced being discriminated, too. It’s devastating. I feel bad about myself and my own race but I realized these things can’t make me a better person. I have to forget everything they’ve done and start a new.
    Please let us not prejudge. We’re here to make a living. Koreans aren’t all bad. I have Korean friends and they’re nice. They’re also fun to be with. I enjoy their companies most of the time.
    We always talk about Korean/American bad traits but we never see the good side of them. Do we recognize it? Let’s not look only on one side. Try to see both. We’re not all perfect. Perverts & racists are everywhere.
    Stay happy and free from perverts to all!!! Hehe!

  68. dont work for philipino also thats y all philipino prefer work for american company /…when u work for philipino they dont feed u or pay tax even u have tin number…ha
    working for philipino never work out …

  69. where its the web site i hate chiness??
    when chiness [people move to philipine long time ago ..
    it was same story..
    but now philipino cant say shit to chiness ,,,,bc they know who its the boss …and who control philipine ..
    its sm and bank of deoro.
    chiness business owner treat philipino like yaya ..
    when u go to hongkong and ur from philipine and u have dark skin people there will stearing at u for long time..
    chinesss people treat philipino like yaya all the time
    thats y philipino chiness dont get married to philipino people…they allway married there kind…but korean marry philipino …and most philipina had a korean bf before rather they had good or bad experiance …

  70. I am sorry… but I completely disagree….. Who ever started this is SO racist…. you said that you don’t like Koreans because they are racist, but you are generalizing and thats just plain racist. If you have no respect then keep it to yourself. You are reflecting everything you said about Koreans toward yourselves… This just shows how arrogant, obnoxious, and how incredibly rude you are.

  71. I am a korean man. um….
    I accidently found this webpage and I read it all…
    It is so sad that many people think Koreans are rasict….OMG…..I feel so bad….
    maybe it is true that some of us have bad attitude…I think we should change ourselves. If so many people think there is a problem, I think there must be a cause of the consequence. I wish I have a magical power that could change all of these things hapeninnig now but it is not gonna work that way right?
    um…isn’t it weird that all of A county’s people is THIS and B’s are THAT?
    I really want to say that not all of koreans have the bad attitudes if they hurt you in someway, they really didn’t mean it…..
    I’m going to keep trying to make a change on our problems even though it will make just a tiny differnce.
    once again I say to the people who have bad memories about koreans….I’m very very very sorry…

  72. So much hate here. As I was reading through I was tempted to berate harshly, first to the one who started this thread, second to all the small minded racists here… but I decided not to. What’s the point? Small minded is small minded. I’m a Filipino and I’m truly ashamed of the Filipinos here in this thread who have contributed to all the hate talk in this site. Haven’t we in our lives have been mistreated by a Filipino (our own people)? Would you shout it out to the world that Filipinos are rude and arrogant? Would you? You should’t right? When you do, you just discounted the rest of the Filipinos who are well mannered and have principles. That’s the general concept. It’s not so difficult to comprehend I think.
    I have Korean friends, and the hateful comments here hurt me because my Korean friends are respectable, adorable and admirable people. They never once treated me like Filipino trash mainly because I am not one and I certainly don’t act as one. I am respected because I am respectable. Get this?
    I feel sorry to those who have been discriminated by another race. Maybe it was very traumatic, enough for you to impulsively divulge hateful statements but don’t generalize. That’s misrepresentation. And if you really want to drive a point? Then why don’t you start with real experiences. Maybe then you’ll be able to educate. Instead of just firing hateful words. If that’s all you can do then you guys are just whiners. Nothing more.

  73. I work with Korean people in France. They never trust their slaves, they are rude and poor in consideration. But my highest afflcition goes to Japan: they lost Korea and chance to make them become civilized.
    Chance to those that also work with them!!!!

  74. yes denis thats true …
    japan invade philipine and rape ur family also
    and they lost chance to make philipino civilized,,but its ok now korea and chiness are in philipine helping them…
    korean giving happy and joy to philipina by make them watch korean drama..and chiness sm owner provid food to ph..

  75. philipino hate there govermment and there own people…
    how can they get a long with other…
    chiness help each other ,,philipino hate each other if other makes more money…
    u know what i m talking about…
    they hate there cousins
    they hate there governments
    they hate there neighbor
    they hate there own people …
    off course they hate korean
    but they love america
    not american they love doller!

  76. hey moonlady
    i know its shame to say all those things but who start this web???if they speak the true than i speak the true too..di ba?
    u want to know true about philipino i will tell you before u go there,,so u dont get disapoint it.
    advice my philipino gave me be aware …dont trust them…
    they r monkey…taxie driver dont give ur change back..
    lol thats philipino ,,,airport custom officer give hard time to local philipino only …

  77. I lived in Japan as a kid and used to hear quite a bit of anti-Korean stuff from the older generation there. They said they were rude, arrogant etc. Given the way the Japanese behaved when they were in their colonizing mode I figured it was some sort of imperialistic hangover. Plus what right did they have to abuse Koreans given the appalling way they treated that country and its people?
    In the early 1990s I worked in Korea for nearly two years. I was keen to learn more about the country and had some acquaintance with Korean as family members had started one of the first western hospitals on the peninsula – 100 years ago to be sure – but it was something my grandparents who had met the older generation often talked about.
    I started off with that wide -eyed innocence you get when you arrive in a new land. I took Korean lessons almost every day for the first year, and wanted to know more about the country and its people. But over time my attitude changed. I got spat on, shoved on trains, yelled at, and abused by strangers, ignored when waiting for service, ripped off in mean-spirited ways and even seriously assaulted on three separate occasions. Gradually my attitude hardened. I became very defensive when interacting with Koreans. And while not every Korean behaved badly there were so many encounters that I began to dread interacting with them.
    I had never felt this way in any of the other foreign countries I had lived prior to this (Japan, Ecuador and Thailand). I might have occasionally had difficulty with an individual but otherwise everyday interactions with locals was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and one of the joys of living away from home.
    The final straw for me came when I was in a restaurant with a Swedish friend. She was ethnically Korean, having been adopted out as a six year old. On this night a three Korean men in salary-man suits came up and berated me for “dating” a Korean woman. They then turned on her and called her a slut and whore. She lost her characteristic poise, cried and told them she was Swedish and adopted. At this they began calling her a traitor to Korea – she had been adopted as a six year old and had no say in the matter.
    Despite the fact that we were regulars in this restaurant, eating there almost every day, no one came to our aid. The staff and other customers simply waited and watched as I yelled back until eventually the stand-off ended and they snorted their way out. Even after they had gone no one said anything to comfort the obviously distressed woman. They all saw and heard what was going on, but not a single individual said a word. I guess they either agreed, or behaved like gutless dogs.
    On the walk home the woman told me about her life prior to being adopted out. She’d lived in an orphanage. The staff told her that her mother was a prostitute and had abandoned her. As an adult she realized they had no way of knowing this, but at the time it caused very deep hurt. The food served at the home was reasonably plentiful, but was of low quality with little protein and she still suffers from the lack of minerals in her diet at that time. She knew from watching older girls that her future was bleak. They received little encouragement to gain an education and most girls stopped studying after middle school to work in low paid factory work in nearby tire factory. The girls also found it difficult to marry since they lacked the proper family registrar required by most “decent” Korean families.
    She was fearful when first adopted out, But her new family proved a kind and loving one. She had a good upbringing and was studying to be a doctor, but had taken time out to spend time in Korean, and hopefully find her parents (she made no progress here – the orphanage would tell her nothing – nor would they put her in touch with childhood friends). She admitted to me that she now hated Korea and wanted nothing to do with it. I told her I now felt the same way. This was a turning point for me because it was the first time that I admitted to myself or anyone else that I also hated Koreans. Not disliked them, not found them difficult, or vexing, but truly loathed them.
    My opinions weren’t formed by this one incident (that took a two years of putting up with constant crappy behavior), but that one night brought all of the previous abuse to a head. Their shitty behavior, combined by their insufferable arrogance was finally too much to bear. I realized the disgusted me and once I realized that I knew it was defiantly time to leave. No more of putting up with their shit and trying to excuse their shitty behavior. Time to leave.
    I have since met people who have lived in Korea and its hard to find a long termer with positive things to say about the people. The best they can come up with is a a few comments about “theyre not all bad” or “ but they have had a rough deal from history”
    And speaking of Korean history the phrase that best sums up their crap attitude is one I heard on a near weekly basis: “we have 5000 years of history” It was said with such pig ignorant pride and exposed their complete obliviousness to the fact that all of us have 5,000 years of history and that all of us ( Koreans included) have far more than that.
    I take a modicum of pride in the history of my own people, but also delight in that of others. A few of my favorites are the continuous civilization of the Persian/Iranians, the 70,000 years that the Australian Aboriginals, the splendor of the Egyptians, the remarkable civilizations that rose and fall on the coastal fringes of the Atacama Desert. Only a cretin would attempt to rank these civilizations in terms of “greatness”, and only a fool would build his self esteem on the achievement of long dead ancestors. And yet this is what Korea as a nation does.
    I can understand why Koreans might have developed such an obnoxious culture way…they have copped a particularly rough deal from history the past few hundred years and this could well have resulted in their brutishness. But other peoples have copped it hard and have developed the same shitty national characteristics. And in any case, understanding why Koreans are a nation of ill mannered, xenophobic boors doesn’t make me like them.

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