Firefox 3 – Download Day

Download Day
Have you pledged yet? Today, June 17, is Firefox 3 Download Day. I first saw the Firefox 3 – Download Day plea on PinoyExchange. Then I pledged that same day. I saw it again on Beena’s site a few days later.
Why did I pledge when I don’t even use Firefox? It’s a new version and I like trying new things. I had Firefox 2 before but I really prefer Opera as I don’t need to install add-ons to make it work the way I want it. I find it faster too.
I still use Internet Explorer though. It’s a must if you want to access Korean websites properly. I can’t shop online without it. I can’t visit cyber maps if I don’t use it. I can’t bank online if I’m not using it. South Korea is an IE country!


  1. I agree. Korean websites are almost all accesible only through IE… which, in my case, is quite sad T T But not to worry 😀 Cause there’s this plugin for firefox that switches the view mode into IE whenever needed. ^^
    I used to be an Opera user before with the same reasons you have. But I think I like customizing better nowadays. ^
    ^ It’s fun. And supporting firefox itself is already fun ^_^ Firefox is like a pop icon that has its own fanclub :))
    Beenas last blog post..I Still Love My Own Country

  2. hi nino!
    @Beena >> i downloaded FF3 today… and surprisingly, Korean sites looked fine… i’m not sure if i’d be able to use it with online banking or internet shopping… but the websites i’d visited so far looked proper on FF3

  3. I use a mac, so I have little use for Firefox. I only use it on my windows computer, but that is such a rare occurrence, haha. I will download it, but most likely not on download day… I will get it next time I turn on windows, lol.
    I used to play Audition Online Dance Battle, but that only worked with IE. I wonder why Korea is almost exclusive to IE? Even mac’s safari doesn’t render the sites properly…

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