Lea Salonga's concert in Seoul

I didn’t attend Lea’s concert last night. I would’ve loved to but like I said in a previous post, nobody will take care of my son. My husband is usually busy on a Monday. His working hours is from 9AM to 7PM and it takes him almost 1 1/2 hours to commute one way. My friend Kaytee just had to rub it in. She wrote an email to our group saying how good the concert was last night. She even posted a night with Lea on her blog! She even changed her YM avatar to that of her and Lea! Talk ’bout being brutal! Have I mentioned before that she has the most enviable job in Korea?


  1. Hey, I like your friend already because she uses Vox, but yes, talk about rubbing salt on the wound!
    I would have gladly babysat if I was anywhere near, haha. =)

  2. ^^ there is always a next time… i heard she will come back next year!
    p.s. kaytee is such a smart girl… all my friends are!

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