The Echo (Hollywood remake)

The trailer of the Hollywood remake of “The Echo” (Sigaw) is out! The screening date though is yet to be announced. It stars Jesse Bradford (My Sassy Girl – Hollywood remake) and Iza Calzado (reprising her role in the original). The film is directed by Yam Laranas, who also directed the original. Jesse plays the role of Richard Gutierrez in the original version.
The trailer is now available on YouTube. The Echo 2008 – Review


  1. Wow! It looks really good! I never saw the original, though…
    I really like scary movies, but I hate sad endings, hehehe…

  2. oohh, our admin blocked video/radio/music streaming since yesterday, everyone here in the office uses internet so streaming will make the system really slow…
    @ AzureWolf:
    im not really into scary or thriller movies because i dream about them for weeks.. my sister and i tried to watch the original on tv, but i really couldnt take it.. i went up to my room after half an hour i think… i hope this remake will really hit it big..

  3. @ AzureWolf,
    sorry i forgot to add in my first comment that the original was really good, i even heard my male boardmates screaming while watching…

  4. the original is good… but based on the trailer, seems like the remake is even better 🙂
    i am so gonna watch this!

  5. Producers seem to favor Jesse Bradford to be in the Hollywood remake of Asian films. What is it about Mr. Bradford? Just wondering 🙂
    I really like Iza Calzado (If my memory serves me, she is named after Isadora Duncan, the famous American dancer).
    I have a copy of “Sigaw” but never quite get to finish watching it. Time to do so now that the remake is coming soon.

  6. @arvinsign >> i think he’s the first… i’d seen his other works and he’s really good
    @eden >> nado… i’m also gonna watch this sa theatres
    @Tesha >> you got scared? hehehe

  7. Hey! this one looks great.. I’ll watch it, for sure.. I have watched the original and, I can say that it’s good.. I’ll wait for this and will compare after watching it.. heheh 🙂

  8. I have watched many movies remakes from South Korea and Japan, the original still the best though the Hollywood version casted popular celebrity.. If this one is better that the original, It’s the first remake movie that is great! 🙂

  9. I just finished watching this movie and i am very proud to say that it was done by a Filipino director. Yam Laranas did a fine job. This is a step up to most asian-horor films out there. It’s a grounded and character driven movie. Definitely a must watch film. It will not disappoint.

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