2008 Asia Song Festival

I’m going to post this a little early for those who might be traveling to Korea in October. I attended the 2007 Asia Song Festival with my friends last year. Tickets were free and a lot of popular Korean singers (?) and groups were in attendance. The Taiwanese group F4 was there too! It was fun although I thought my eardrums would be break because of the screaming fans of the popular groups that were there.
This year’s festival will be from October 3 to 5 at the Sangam World Cup Stadium (Line 6 – Brown) in Seoul. The line-up of performers is not yet confirmed but I read from TVXQ’s (Dongbangshingi) fan cafe that they will perform on the 4th. I’m sure there will be other famous Korean stars in the show like in the previous years.
This post will be updated when more info becomes available. 🙂 I hope that like last year, they will prioritize foreign fans in ticket distribution and that the show would go on smoothly, like a high end computer with good system memory.


  1. i wish i could go, i saw the videos of the music festival when kitchie and barbie performed. i wonder who they’ll send this year…the festival looks like a lot of fun. are you going again this year?

  2. i wish i could go this year… but yeah i’m just your typical poor college student… anyhows… it looks fun.. 😀 i wonder who’s going to represent the philippines for this coming year of 2008 Asia Song Festival… eheheh i’m looking forward to it.. I’m a big fan of suju, dbsk,ft island .. +

  3. LOL.. i didn’t read maricel’s comment but i just noticed what i wrote sounded a lot what she wrote… <.< i have plagiarized… gahhh BUT I would to visit S. Korea someday when I have the money ehehe

  4. ^^there will be a press conference this week for the details of the event… make sure to schedule your trip in early spring, late september or in october… imo, those are the best times to visit korea… tickets are cheaper too!

  5. Hi, my name is Ryan. I work for a television production company in Seattle Washington. I am doing research on the Asia Song Festival for an upcoming show about music festivals. The yet untitled show will appear on FUSE network and focus on the fans of music festivals around the world. Could you e mail me back, I have a few questions about Kpop fan culture, the music, nightlife, partying, etc… I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

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