Korean War

Today, June 25, is the 58th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. The Korean peninsula is still divided – North and South. If not for those brave soldiers who fought against the advancing North Koreans, I might not be here.
Which countries helped South Korea during the Korean War? Click here for answers.
I took the picture above on our visit to Washington DC’s Korean War Veterans Memorial in 2006. The inscription near the statue reads “OUR NATION HONORS HER SONS AND DAUGHTERS WHO ANSWERED THE CALL TO DEFEND A COUNTRY THEY NEVER KNEW AND A PEOPLE THEY NEVER MET”
Korean War veterans
Philippines – the National War Museum in Seoul, South Korea
Thousands died during the Korean War – National Cemetery, Seoul, South Korea

Filipino Soldiers, Korean War


  1. That saying on the DC memorial is too sad to read…
    It’s crazy to think, if one was in a war and died, what the outcome would be… But the repercussions of each person echoes in every person who lives in the country, who laughs, who learns, who cries… It’s mind-boggling to think about all the people who died for me…
    That being said, I hate war…

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