Men's fashion. Seriously.

Korean men take fashion seriously. Seriously. It’s not uncommon to see men wearing shirts and ties to work and even on a weekend. They dress formally when they attend special occasions like weddings, funerals and birthdays. It’s also not uncommon to see men wearing suits and women in their stilletos in a mountain on a Sunday afternoon.
My sister-in-law told me that it’s the woman’s duty to dress her husband. Women here dress well so I guess they’d like their partners to match how they look. I’ve never really shopped for my husband. I just remember buying him a couple of sweaters for men on my trip abroad. I thought that my husband’s clothing needs is pretty simple.
My husband is not into jeans. He preferskhaki pants for casual weekends and khaki shorts in the summer. He usually pairs them with white t-shirts as he dislikes colorful ones. He’s such a simple dresser, I sometimes think he’s not Korean. LoL!


  1. thank you for this wonderful post ate betchay… hopefully po before this year ends makapunta ako diyan, hehe… i really have to learn a lot…
    actually, Alex also prefers khaki pants and shorts… and one time, he commented i should stick to classic fashion like white blouse or simple blouse, jeans and white or comfortable doll/leather shoes..
    when we take a walk along the streets of baguio, i would point out to him korean people (especially women) i see. “”how did you know?”” he’d ask me and i’d tell him “”they’re walking up and down session rd. in stilletos””.. or “”they’re wearing real short skirts and real thick make up”” or “”their hairstyles”” and he’d just laugh and say he also wonders why they wear those in such mountainous area or terrain…..

  2. A few reasons I can see for this. Great tailors. Everything there is tailored really well and very affordable. Secondly, the old Confucian philosophy of presenting “best face” forward is taken seriously by many Koreans. I wonder if this translates into wearing high heels up a mountain to see a temple?
    papa2hapas last blog post..Blank

  3. My husband has the same simple fashion sense. The only time my husband’s wardrobe got a dash of color was when i started buying shirts for him, but he still prefers wearing khaki pants and shorts with it….kkkkk.
    Chers last blog post..A picnic in spring

  4. Our friend Dae Woo sometimes serves as our fashion consultant. He would say “violet is a sensitive color” when a particular shade of purple does not match our skin tone.LOL 🙂
    Teshas last blog post..Pisay the Movie OST

  5. @cher >> good thing our husbands aren’t high maintenance… more money in the bank ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹
    @jehan >> nagpre-prepare ka na talaga ha?! can’t wait for you to come here…
    @tesha >> mas fashionista si Dae Woo sa mga girls?
    @papa2haha >> i agree with the well-tailored part but “very affordable”… have to think about that… i like that koreans care about their appearance… going home to the philippines has become a culture shock

  6. Haha, I see that among older people here in the US, but for the most part, everyone is casual except for work!
    Haha, first your mom dresses you every morning, and then your wife does! What a world!

  7. Western society has taken casual to new lows, now casual means sloppy in North America. Still in alot of countries like Korea there is a real passion for style and fashion.

  8. Depends on the weather. Here in Thailand, people dress casually because it’s practical. Yes they wear shirt and tie to work if it’s office work but that’s because it’s air-conditioned. In your normal day, you don’t want to spend every minute indoors in an air-conditioned room – you want to be outside enjoying a cool breeze and a bit of sun too – with casual clothing!

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