Where the hell is Matt?

I sent my husband a Youtube video that made him laugh. It’s about Matt, a world traveler. I remember when he invited Seoulites in Facebook to join him in his dance early this year. He announced the venue to be Namdaemun (South Gate) so everybody were there except for him, who went to Dongdaemun (East Gate)!
Read about Matt in Seoul.
Anyway, I really envy Matt for doing something extraordinary (and thank you for sharing). I guess it’s everybody’s dream to travel the world, meet different people, experience other cultures and dance!
The song is really nice. It’s available for download through Amazon. My favorite scenes are the ones in Papua New Guinea and India.


  1. I envy that man… How everyone smiles! Remote regions of Africa to populated hotspots like Tokyo! They said more than they could have with words.
    Thanks for sharing this Betchay!

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