Filipinos in Gyeonggi-do's English Zone?

For some reason, there seems to be a RUSH to learn English. The government seems to be intent on placing foreign teachers in public schools.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education is seeking to to recruit approximately 600 university students from English-speaking countries as paid interns this year. Those selected for the program will teach students in cooperation with Korean teachers at elementary and secondary schools in the province…
Gyeonggi is aggressively inviting more foreigners to build up an English-friendly environment at schools. Apart from the internship project, it will employ English-speaking workers from India and the Philippines in school cafeterias and libraries as part of an “English Zone.” The education office aims to hire some 75 workers this year.
Read the whole article: Foreign College Students Invited to be English Teachers

Hmm, university students from English-speaking countries as TAs and English-speaking Indians and Filipinos (who most likely have BAs and/or MAs) working as cafeteria and library assistants. Same pay? Same treatment? And when the time comes that the government allows E2 visas for them, will they get the same benefits as the Western teachers? Or will they be taken advantage of?


  1. hmmmm…i don’t actually agree with this one. although they might be giving job to filipinos in korea, i don’t think filipinos with relevant education degrees should go for this one. why the hell will they be hired as cafeteria workers/library assistants when they could actually be hired aS teachers/teaching assistants as well?there are a lot of filipinos who can speak the english language FLUENTLY and they even have the graduate/doctorate degrees to support their skills, is this another instance of blame it on the color of the skin??????
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  2. I think this is blatantly racist. Why specify, or even restrict, employment to cafeteria/library to Filipinos and Indians only? Can’t whites do the same job? Are we second-class English teachers? I’m not buying this. But if the salary is 2,000,000 plus accommodation and air fare, the Gyeonggi can buy me. Hahaha.
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  3. OMG. Gyeonggi’s paying 1,600USD + accommodation + allowance!!! I think this is a good deal. My wallet is wanting of some cash. Ms. Betchay, if you could help me with this one I’d be grateful. I can send my resume to you.
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  4. @elliot >> we hold the wrong passport eh… anyway, tell us what happens with you-know-what 😉

  5. This is good news for me, hehe… I have no time this year, but 2009 this is a big possibility!
    I do think it is messed up about the “where you’re from” discrimination, though. Although, I have met people with language degrees from China who can barely speak the language, so I semi-sort of understand. Still, an interview would pretty much solve that problem…
    And it seems like you get more pay from private schools…

  6. Im a Filipino,I was wondering where to start applying for a job…there are so many sites that posts work but i dont know which is reliable. Please help me on this one. Or better yet please help me if you have a job offering. Im willing to work there eventhough in a cafeteria or library or sumthin’. Thank guyz.

  7. ^^ you just have to start applying… as long as they won’t ask you for money, it’s ok… the job above is only for filipinos who are currently in korea, according to elliot, who emailed the gyeoggi dept of education…

  8. Hi, I live in the US and am of Filipino descent, but I’m still a citizen of the Philippines. Would I get penalized for this? I’m currently at a university here in the U.S.A.

  9. im a filipino currently in korea and im a bachelors degree holder can i apply with this work even though my visa is expired already.. what do u think miss betchay is it complicated???

  10. Hi! I was wondering why does the government look for filipinos in the Philippines to teach English, which is there’s a lot of filipina here who are much more qualified to teach English they can speak English fluently and Korean too.
    I don’t know why they allowed those filipina who doesn’t have any children from Korean to work as English teacher here, while some of the Filipina who has children from Korean has the right to teach English here because they can speak korean well and English fluently, As I can see it is unfair on the part of the Filipina mother’s with Korean children because, it is the right of those Korean children that their mother can earn a lot of money for their future.
    Like me I graduated from one of the famous school in the Philippines, and I can speak English fluently and I can speak korean too, and divorced already with korean child.
    I begging to Korean Government please, don’t allowed those people who doesn’t have any relations to Korean to teach here, because they are much more benefited than those Korean mother’s with Korean child.
    I was really surprised because I’m a graduated student from the University.

    1. To Lyn,
      I am sorry to disappoint you pero the glaring grammatical errors in your post does not qualify you to teach English at all.
      You can take another job here in Korea, but please… do not force yourself to teach English.

      1. Lyn,
        Please be careful with what you say. How can you ask the Korean government not to hire Filipinos who do not have Korean relatives? I think you are not in a position to say such a thing. First of all, as Willy has noticed, your grammar is outrageous. Secondly, your request is unreasonable as its basis is mere selfishness.

  11. We are appealing to Korean government please don’t allowed those filipina who doesn’t have any korean child or korean children to work here, and get their visa as easily as they want, unlike those filipina mother’s who has a korean child or korean children. It’s unfair please, those filipina doesn’t have any right to stay here because they are making money here without helping korean government unlike those mother’s who has a korean child or children of course they are helping the korean government by educating some koreans because they know the feeling of being mother of a korean child or children

    1. To Lyn and Rose,
      Sorry but I beg to disagree… What is the connection of having Korean child/ren or any relation to Koreans to English Proficiency Program anyway??? You’re off limits guys. TEACHING is not always about MONEY! C’mon, their government is asking for our assistance in teaching the Language, so we have to extend our help in any way. So, I must say, all Filipinos in and out Korea, with diplomas and experience are QUALIFIED!

      1. Rose,
        I guess you have the same problem as Lyn. Are you having a difficult time raising your Korean child? I am sincerely sorry if you are, but believe me, selfishness will not solve your problem. It would be best if you find a job that suits your skills. Good luck!

        1. Rose and Lyn:
          Rose..kapangalan pa kita, looks like iisang tao ka lng using separate email add, to both of you: I’m also a mom of a korean kid and my husband is a Korean. Nagtuturo din po ako dito pero it really sounds selfish not to let other Filipinos to work as teachers with or without relatives here, considering the fact that there are many good english teachers from our country. You two are Filipinos but you seemingly discriminating Filipinos too and please Ms. Lyn, stop saying you are a University Grad because there are highschool graduates that I know, who, I think speaks better than you do.

  12. Wow, I just come across this website and after reading the comments I really think that SK government would rather hire someone from the Philippines as English Teacher because they will pay them less wages. And I’ve heard about the discrimination about divorced women who have kids that it’s hard for them to get a job. My prayers are with you I feel sorry for women there whose divorced….

  13. In respect to some filipinas who are questioning the decision of the korean government in letting those filipinas who don’t have a child but can still teach English here in korea. But before this, I would like to ask the following; 1)Are those filipina have diplomas/degree holder? 2) Are they korean citizen already? 3) Did you apply for the job?(because maybe she applied for the position and you did not. That’s why she got the job. Here in Naju, the department of Education is not basing whether you have a child or none. What they are very particular with are the complete documents that you are really capable of teaching the language. I am a teacher too and with one son(korean). But I think discriminating others is not a good way to go with your dreams.

  14. Hi,
    My partner is a New Zealander who holds an E2 visa there in Korea, and since I’m here in NZ we are looking for ways so I can go to Korea and work at the same time. I use to tutor Koreans back home in the Philippines as a part time job. can anyone help me with this please?

  15. Hi.
    Could you kindly help me ? Just wanted to check if going there in Korea as a visit visa is advisable to land a job? Thank you.

      1. True. I myself am already an F21 visa holder and yet, i still have a hard time landing a job. What more if you’re just a tourist? It’s much harder.
        Miss Betchay, do you happen to know some contact info (phone number / website / connections, etc.) where Filipinos already living in Korea can apply for a teaching job? Sana po matulungan nyo rin ako kung sakaling may alam kayo. Thank you.

          1. Ganon ba? Can you please try my other e-mail?
            Minsan kasi, may topak ang hotmail e.
            Thank you.
            I’ve been really having a hard time looking for a job and dunno where to search, since i don’t have Filipino friends here. Lungkot nga e.
            Hope you’ll e-mail me again.

  16. as long as the pay is good i’ll accept the job offer however english zone would mean only east indians would qualify as they speak heavily accented english language whereas pinays speak american with california accent. there is a huge difference between the two languages albeit both are similar

  17. Hi. just kind of got carried away with well “beg” Korean govt not to allow fellow Filipinos to teach coz they’re not well , married to a Korean, err have a child. Hmm I think it doesn’t have anything to do with teaching. Teaching is a skill. It takes years to master it, its an ability. And that should just be the basis of getting a job, don’t you think?
    And, lets stop pulling each other down. Its better if we help each other get better opportunities and land better jobs.

  18. ohhhhhhhhhhh…as i read the article it gave me a feeling of resentment
    CAFETERIA?…?????…KOREANS want to learn english fast….right?… are some wise advice that u korean government must consider…
    the government should hire filipinos as formal teachers inside the four walls of a classroom not in a narrow place where coffee and food are stored….are u kidding me???filipinos are smarter than what u think…admit it…u need us!!!!!

  19. i agree with you Kim…i don’t know if the Korean government is aware that there are too many Korean people who has established and is establishing BPO in the Philippines for Korean peeps to learn English. actually many of them go there just to learn English. why don’t go to US or other country who’s native language is English? i cant understand that…and then now put Filipinos and Indians in cafeteria? are they kidding us? yeah…admit it…u need us!

      1. ms betchare they still accepting application for the above post?
        if they do, where can i possibly send an application or inquiry, preferrably email 🙂
        thanks and god bless you

  20. yes..i do believe that Filipinos can give a huge help in teaching English as a second language..i do really want to teach in south korea but they prefer to have native speakers.I think Filipinos can do more especially in teaching English..Filipinos are amazing! I am now on my way to graduation in Secondary Education major in English and I’m hoping that South, Korea will hire Filipinos as teachers of English.

  21. Ito nga ho kami nasa India na. Maraming marunong ng excellent English dito comparable sa mga educated na Filipino. But I doubt if normal Koreans can stand up to the standard of English practiced in both these countries, no offense meant please.

  22. good day
    I’m verma I’m really very interested to work in South Korea.. Actually I’ve been teaching English language to Koreans here in Philippines.. I believe that as Filipinos we really have great methods in teaching English..I wonder why Koreans always wanted to have native speakers? Filipinos are good also in English… Hopefully Korea will hire Filipinos as ESL teachers..we’re smart too.

    1. Hi Vermalane! There are Filipinos who are fluent in both written and spoken English, but fluency isn’t the only thing that they’re after. Last week, our hagwon owner interviewed a Filipina for a job. Too bad she didn’t pass from the first time she opened her mouth. She didn’t have a North American accent. We have Korean English teachers at our hagwon and I’d say about three of them are not as fluent as a lot of Filipino English teachers I’ve met. They do have a “smoother” accent though and a few semesters’ education in the US.

  23. Dear mga Pinoynoy:
    I would like to say that, not all koreans are discriminating us. As a matter of fact, they chose me as their English tutor over a real native speakers. They treated me very well and with humility I can say, I’m like a celebrity to them. kkk When I arrived there, my schedule was so hectic because I received a lot of invitations from Korean family to treat me dinner or lunch or tour me around even climb Dedoon Mountain.
    I know a Filipino guy who is teaching in Hagwon at P80,000. or 2,000,000. won a month and yet he is not a graduate of English course but an engineering. He sounds american citizen and diligent so, the owner likes him. He is just teaching 3 Koreans and stand by after in the academy. kkkk
    Our very own ambassador and Phils. government was the one who don’t want to push and initiate for the Korean to open their doors for ESL Filipinos. So, don’t get mad to the Korean Government. And we have to understand our government …it is for the good intention for many Filipinos. So, to those aspiring to become an English teacher in s.Korea, stop dreaming and be satisfied teaching and sharing your geniousess in teaching our own Filipino students!!! In that manner, perhaps, you could help our country men compete and have hope to get out of poverty.

  24. Why is it that the koreans would only hire filipinos in cafeteria and in library when they could actually teach them in decent schools and they can be a real teacher is it because of the color of the skin? Yes, it’s true they are way whiter and have fairer skin than ours but that does not mean that we will be looked as a lower set of people. Do they have someone like Manny Pacquiao? How about an international singer like Charice Pempengco?

  25. Why would they hire a english-speaking filipino just to work in cafeteria or to be a librarian when they could actually become a respectable english teacher there?Is it because of the skin color of filipinos?
    Isn’t it that whites can do this too? I’m not fully a filipino,
    I’m half-chinese,half-filipino, I have a fair complex but I’m affected by this because I have many filipino friends and I feel sorry for them,I don’t mean to judge Koreans but I feel that they are somehow hurtful and insulting I apologize to all of who is annoyed and insulted by my boastfulness, but do they have someone like Manny Pacquiao? How about an international singer like Charice Pempengco?

  26. I hope they would also consider Filipinos for the teaching position..There’s no harm in trying, who knows they might like the way Filipino’s speak the English language..

  27. You’re probably right gh. Not all Koreans discriminate Filipinos. I’ve been tutoring Koreans for over 3 years now here in the Philippines. What I see is that they are smart. They observe the way you teach and if they really see improvements within themselves they’ll put you on pedestal.
    Looking back to their history, they too struggled to be on where they are right now. We have to understand why somehow they act strangely.
    What we Filipinos could do is to continue improving ourselves… I’m sorry but I have to emphasize this: TEACHING IS A SKILL. Not all teachers are capable of teaching.
    Some might be commenting again on what I’ve previously posted ‘if they really see improvements’. You are their teachers, the bulk comes from you.

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