Carne Station, Myeongdong

[singlepic=579,250,250,left]It’s been a week since I met my friends (nine of us) in Myeongdong. It was at 12PM on Saturday that we scheduled to have lunch at Carne Station, a buffet restaurant. The problem with my friends (and moi) is that the designated time to meet is usually the time we leave our homes so we always end up coming late. Filipino time in Korea.
There are only two branches of Carne Station. One in Gangnam and the other one is in Myeongdong, located at the basement of Dongyang Building near exit 5 of Euljiro1-ga station. We got there at almost 1:30PM and we were lucky that there were’nt a lot of customers. We didn’t have to wait for an hour or more like we always experience at VIPS or Ashley’s on weekends.
We paid 19,500 won plus 10% tax (21,450 or US$21) per person upon entering the restaurant. That’s their weekend lunch rate. It’s cheaper on weekdays at 12,000 won plus tax and more expensive for weekend dinners at 21,500 plus tax. The food selection at Carne Station is quite limited compared to the other two restaurants previously mentioned. However, I prefer their offering of pork, beef, seafoods and salads. Too bad we went there for lunch and not for dinner when we could have bottomless beer and wine.
I’d say that it’s cheaper to go to Carne Station for meat than the steak houses. We left the restaurant at 4PM, when they were preparing for their “brake time”.
Our next destination is the usual “noraebang” or singing room. We were lucky to find a really nice place at “Myeongdong Noraebang.” It’s new and has a lovely interior. The place smells nice too, unlike some singing rooms that reeks of soju and cigarette smoke. We paid 20,000 won (oops, I haven’t given my share to Jas) for an hour and had a 20-minute bonus. That’s also where Cathy shared her box of Goldilocks pulvoron. Yummy! I think we ate so much that day I might need to buy diet pills online.
After the noraebang, we went for some “shopping” and coffee at “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.” I think the party broke up at almost 10PM. My feet were aching by the time I got home. I sure am lucky to have a husband who believes that I should go out and spend time with my friends, while he takes care of our son. It’s his turn now, he’s off to Jirisan for a two-day hiking trip. The last time he’s been there was in 2003, five years ago.


  1. Hi Ms. B, great pictures! Just wondering why the banana was not in the picture… do you still see her? if you do please say hi to her.

  2. hi i also saw your pics at wendy’s blog you guys really had fun. by the way betchay have you ever tried buying longanisa or itlog na maalat from hyehwa-dong?i’ve been there and i wanted to buy longanisa but i got scared to do so. i had the feeling that maybe it was such an old stock, i’ve been craving for longanisa and itlog na maalat….but i didn’t want to eat an old stock because of the baby inside me whew~.
    Chers last blog post..Summer Food in Korea

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  4. Hi Ms. Betchay! Ansarap pong kumain. hehe. joke lang. Actually, I’d like to ask if you submitted this site to google for indexing? Or nagpost lang kayo tlga dito and pinatagal and min-aintain ang buhaykorea? Kasi ung blog ko po, 4 months na, nangingitlog pa rin. hehehe. Gusto ko po sanang medyo kumita-kita rin sa kanya kahit pambayad wifi man lang po. ^^;
    Elliots last blog post..Approaching 50

  5. @algol >> nasa pilipinas na si jc, 2 weeks daw siya sa davao then sa china na punta niya
    @elliot >> yup, i’m there, maghanap ka ng puro braso ako yun LOL
    @Day >> uy napadaan ka, the banana has been living in the philippine since late 2006… i’ll tell her you said hi
    @Cher >> ingat sa maalat đŸ˜‰ baka tumaas ang BP

  6. Aww, I am glad you get to hangout with good friends, but Betchay! One day for two is no good! You better get another one!

  7. Hi Betchay!!
    I like foods and i like reading about them especially when one describes it fully.. I really enjoy your entries here.. hope you can tell me more.. especially sweets and more pictures please.. and thank you for sharing your interesting experiences.. i love it! More powers!!v^^

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