Traveling for the summer?

amsterdamThis is for those who will be traveling to Europe and the USA, specially this summer. At this time, it might be a little bit difficult to find nice hotels to lay your head on and make the most of your vacation time. Like if you’re traveling to the Netherlands (a country that has a special spot for Koreans because of coach Hiddink who lead the country to it’s semi-final slot in World Cup 2002) and you’d like to find Amsterdam hotels then it’s best to visit the site since a lot of hotels in the country are included in their database.
If what you want are New York hotels, then they have more than 550 accomodations listed on their directory. You can also find hotels by their star ranking, from 0 to 5. We stayed at a 2-star hotel in New York when we were there. It was a last minute find but it was fine.
In my case, I’d like to go visit France. I’d love to stay in any of the many 5-star Paris hotels. I won’t mind staying in an inexpensive place elsewhere in the world but if I’m going to Paris, I’d like to experience the best of everything. For now, that’s just wishful thinking. 🙂
So where are you headed for the summer?