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[singlepic=597,250,250,left]I spent the whole afternoon today cleaning. My parents-in-law might come to our home tomorrow so I needed to prepare for their visit. I saw several product wrappers that I collected with the OK Cashbag coupons, so I got my scissors and cut them out.
OK Cashbag is a loyalty cashback program. Our card was issued at E-mart, a hypermart chain that uses barcode scanner for purchases, and can be used to accumulate points whenever we shop there, at Shinsaegae (department store) and Starbucks. We also earn points through my husband’s mobile phone subscription with SK Telecom.
Sometimes when I go to the grocery, I specifically choose products that has the OK Cashbag coupon. I then collect and stick them to a paper coupon available at E-mart. The total is added to the card and we can then exchange it for a gift voucher we can use at E-mart, or shop at OK Cashbag’s online store, or pay for purchases at Auction, an online shopping website.
My son’s indoor slide (worth US 38) was paid for by the points we’d accumulated with this program. It really works. I’m now planning to use the points we have now to buy my things I’ll need for school.
If you buy Korean products and you see something like the coupons above, don’t throw it away… it’s equivalent to cash 🙂


  1. we have something similar but its a website called mypoints. they will send emails that you can just click and open (they don’t spam, they send like 5 emails in a day) and get 5points. If you buy stuff online through them they will give you points per dollar you spend. So far I’ve gotten a $50 gift card from Home Depot through the points I got just by clicking on their links.
    its really a good deal
    haydees last blog post..summer break

  2. Yeah, this is smart. Sometimes I use a credit card on something I was going to pay cash for because of these types of bonuses!

  3. @haydee >> thanks for that info… i’m gonna tell my mom about it
    @AzureWolf >> i also prefer to use the credit card for the same reason
    @Nhemskie >> we are so ajumma-like ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  4. Is there expiry date for us to change the OK coupon? I love to eat Korean Noodle, but never observer whether it has the OK logo on it.
    Will definitely take a look next time when i purchase a korean product. Thank you for the wonderful info..

  5. Hello.
    I was today in E-Mart in Yongsan. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Korean, so I did not understand why I couldn’t get the SHinsegae Points card issued to me. The lady was pointing to some box for a number to be written in on the top of the application form… I am not sure what I was supposed to show…
    Can you tell me what ID I need for the card? I have Korean driver’s license, plus a number of the US IDs…

  6. Is that site is not spam as haydee post on his comment i m surprised from that info
    Thanks for the great info
    Can you tell me that is these points are expired or not?

  7. hello..i went today to a starbucks at omogkyo..but i wasnt able to use that card there..i mean to get points..i didn´t understand what did the lady say to me..you know what happened?..or i can use only the points at the starbucks..but not accumulate them from there?

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