Go Greek

[singlepic=612,250,250,left]This is just in time for school. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a fraternity or a sorority? When I was in school, my classmates would endure the humiliating and grueling initiation processes just to be part of a brotherhood or sisterhood. If you’re a member of one, be proud and show it by wearing Greek Clothing.
I didn’t have time for extra-curricular activities when I was in college since I was a working student (by choice rather than by necessity). However, if I were a member of a sorority, I’d definitely get some Greek Apparel and cool Greek Gear like the sorority clock, laundry bag and the sorority mouse pad pictured above.
Of course, a college student’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a hoody sweatshirt. A sustomized Greek Hoody Sweatshirt is even better.

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