Baby cart

I had a hard time thinking of a topic for this week’s Litratong Pinoy: Balingkinitan theme. So I turned to my old stocks of photos and found these:
The pictures are not mine but they were posted on an online bulletin board (DAUM) a few days after the nurses’ scandal in Korea three years ago.
Sorry, can’t reply to comments yet. PILs are at home.


  1. @AzureWolf – unfortunately, they aren’t (even the nurses scandal)
    @marian – i guess that mom wasn’t sure of her priorities

  2. Nakakairita naman. Nakita ko picutres nung Nurses’ Scandal. Sarap pasabugin ang ulo.. Me too, ayaw ko din ng may yaya. Kaya ako ang nag-aalaga sa anak mo.

  3. ^^ malaking issue nga yung nurses’ scandal dito… kasi professional sila pero they didn’t act profesionally… akala mo mga bata

  4. omg… i would be uncomfortable in that position. poor baby.. hmm is that his mom?? my grandma uses one of that.. when she goes to palengke o__O..i don’t know if she has heard of a stroller?? nyaks naman.. tlga..

    1. i think it’s his mom… buti na lang hindi norm dito yan… mas marami naman nagdadala ng stroller 🙂

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