Cheonggyecheon (Dongdaemun market)

[singlepic=602,250,250,right]We live about 800 meters from the Dongdaemun area of 청계천 (cheong-gye-cheon or clean stream). We frequent the area for walks specially on hot summer days. The Cheonggye stream is a six kilometer stretch. Here you can find foot bridges, stepping stones, fountains and falls, performance stages, art galleries, fishes and ducks and hundreds of pigeons. It’s like an oasis in the middle of a busy city.
Cheonggyecheon’s restoration started in June 2003 and it was formally opened in 2005. If you’re a regular Discovery Channel viewer, you’d probably seen the special documentary on this. It’s always been a stream where people bath and wash clothes for centuries until the government covered it in the late 1950’s and built an elevated highway in the late 1960s. The restoration is one of President Lee Myung Bak’s projects when he was the mayor of Seoul.
Here are some pictures I took one hot summer day. We walked from our apartment to the Dongdaemun market area of Cheonggyecheon. Aside from the stream, you’ll also find pictures of the area around Dongdaemun – the gate itself, the Ehwa University Hospital where NFL star Hines Ward was born, the statue of Jeon Tae Il who burned himself in the 1960s, the Pyeonghwa Sijang (a famous used books market where Hyun Bin’s character in the drama Snow Queen looked for the book with the same title). Some parts in the television drama “Lovers in Prague” were shot here.
The Dongdaemun shopping area and the Cheonggye stream are accessible by subway. There are two subway stops nearby – Dongdaemun station (Line 1 and 4) and Dongdaemun Stadium station (Lines 2, 4 and 5).


  1. Man, I miss this place! Egai doing his “paparazzi” thing, you running after Seonggyu along the Cheonggyecheon, Angela looking for her kimchi dimsum… Sigh.

  2. lol, your husband has a funny expression in the first pic.
    What a marked difference! I’m glad it’s the way it is now. I remember you taking pics before of this area and making a passing mention about the specifics. Thanks for the info!

  3. @Elliot >> the two dongdaemun stadiums will be converted into parks
    @Tesha >> at least you’ll have memories, come back when you can
    @AzureWolf >> he always has a funny expression ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  4. Thnx for sharing some of these photos you took! I’ve seen this shopping area in one of the Korean tourguide I got & i’ve always imagined how nice it would be to get to see that one day! To be honest, I never thought Korea is such a beautiful country until when I watched some Kdramas! I truly believe it’s an interesting place to be and I wlnd’t mind at all to get a chance to experience living anywhere in that beautiful country. I think you’re so blessed to be able to live there where the air (outside Seoul) is clean and the city itself is so diverse that according to an article I read from someone who had been there, she felt like she was in another parts of the world since S. Korea is a developed country, so dynamic and one of the 11th countries in the world in terms of economic growth! I can only say so many good things about Korea albeit I haven’t been there at all! Thanks to your informative website we all get to experience Korea through your eyes & words!

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