Get that Miss Universe body

I’ve learned from experience that exercise is one of the two best ways to lose weight – the other is a balanced diet. It sounds cliche but it’s true. If you want to have that firm and toned body, then exercise is a must. My mother-in-law is in her late 60’s but she’s still strong and firm. In fact, I thought that I’d go first before her. She attends aerobics classes daily and she even competed in an aerobic competition last year where she won third prize.
[singlepic=620,right]I know that a lot of women would like to have the body of a Miss Universe or celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Jeon Ji Hyun. Lots of celebrities do their exercises with their yoga mats. Yoga is a low-impact exercise but it could be strenous. My almost 40-year old sister is into yoga and it shows. When she came here for a visit, she even brought her yoga straps so she could do all her poses.
I tried doing yoga before because I thought it was easy. I won’t have to do any running nor jumping. I like the benefits of flexibility that can be achieved doing all those contortions on those sticky mats.
Want to have that Miss Universe body? Give yoga a try.


  1. I know yoga is good, but I could never get into it! I think it is a woman’s hobby, even though so many guys get really toned from it.
    I guess it is the way I was raised, haha.

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