Yupgi Yogurt Ajumma

I got curious seeing the phrase 엽기 요구르트아줌마 (yupgi yogurt ajumma) as the top search in Daum. “Yupgi” means weird or strange (the original korean title of Jeon Ji Hyun’s movie “My Sassy Girl” has this word) and ajumma, a married woman. When I clicked on one of the uploaded ucc’s, I found out what the fuss is all about. The “yupgi yogurt ajumma” has a refrigerator full of yogurt and adds the dairy on everything she eats, even samgyeopsal (unseasoned bacon). She used to wear a size 36 pants but she looks really fit now. Curious? Here’s the “yupgi yogurt ajumma”:


  1. DANG! That’s one hot ajumma!
    I knew yogurt helps you lose weight, especially for your tummy, but daaaang! Wonder what the husband looked like before this diet, lol.
    Although I’m not sure if all that yogurt is good for the kid if it has active cultures…

  2. ^^ I guess that’s one reason why my husband is fit… yogurt! There are yogurts here specially made for kids… and babies.

  3. Oh, I knew I forgot something! Is that supposed to be yogurt soap she’s using or something? Why did she say yogurt and why did they show her washing her face? Just her clear complexion, or part of the weight loss process?

  4. yeah.. right… i went through a phase of eating yoghurt for a couple weeks straight and i felt the bit of extra weight on my waist!

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