Geum Hyo Min or Lee Na Young?

While the rest of the world are talking about the winner of the 57th Miss Universe beauty pageant yesterday, Dayanna Mendoza, the Korean netizens are judging who’s prettier between internet ulzzangs Geum Hyo Min (금효민) and Lee Na Young (이나영). If they don’t seem familiar, that’s because they are not famous Hallyu stars yet. However, netizens are going gaga over these two pretty girls who seem all natural, i.e. no cosmetic surgery.


  1. hmmm…is she all natural? Her cheekbones are really high and she has cute dimples. However, she still looks average to me. BTW, am talking about Geum Hyo Min. Hehe. Don’t really think Lee Na Young is pretty.
    I don’t intend to be rude or anything. I guess, I have a different standard of beauty.

    1. plenty of natural koreans/asians have high cheekbones.
      and shin minah is a korean actress famous for her natural beauty with gorgeous dimples.
      so… yeah–i def would not question their natural beauty based on the fact that they have high cheekbones and dimples (if you were.)
      they’re both gorgeous

  2. Haha, I prefer Lee Na Young! I wish I read this before posting on the previous one, lol. I think the natural look is very important, haha.

  3. i also think Lee Na Young is prettier/perkier…
    @ace >> there’s another Lee Na Young, a Miss Korea winner… aside from the actress of course

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