Who is Geum Hyo Min?

The hottest topic today among Korean netizens is not Dokdo, nor is it North Korea and it’s not US beef either but a girl named Geum Hyo Min 금효민. She has been dubbed as 유튜브걸 (Youtube Girl) and 인터넷 얼짱 (Internet Ulzzang – best face) by Best Nine.
Visit Geum Hyo Min’s cywold homepage for more pictures.


  1. Ahhh, there are so many beautiful Koreans! I mean, yes, she is stunning, but what is the big deal? It’s like the pinkmartini.tv or baby0121 hype.
    Maybe I just dislike people who get famous on looks alone, hehe.

  2. ^^ i was also wondering why she’s the most searched in daum… i thought the hottest topic is dokdo

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