The Echo – World Premiere

[singlepic=627,250,250,right]At least this remake is gonna be shown in a theatre. I’ve been following developments on Yam Laranas’ Hollywood remake of his movie – The Echo. The title in Tagalog is “Sigaw” and it starred Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin and Iza Calzado. The remake stars Jesse Bradford and Amelia Warner with Iza reprising her role in the original.
The movie’s world premiere is on July 17 at 7:15 PM as part of Fantasia Fest 2008 in Montreal, Canada. I’m excited to read more reviews of this film, that some say is better than the original.


  1. Bloody hell! I just opted NOT to go to Montreal! I’m actually in Canada right now, haha.
    I really want to see this movie, especially after seeing the trailer. If you find out the reviews and any US airings, lemme know!
    Yay for scary! I mean, Eeek for scary, haha

  2. oh wow…i hope they do show it here in the US. maybe i’ll get the guts to go and see it to support my kababayan :o)

  3. i hope they also show it in Korea… i’d definitely bring everyone i know to the theatres… i have a lot of movie coupons here!

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