Most Beautiful Female Korean Star

Who’s the most beautiful Korean female star according to a survey of television entertainment reporters in Korea?
Kim Tae Hee (김태희)
Kim Hee Sun (김희선)
Han Ye Sul (한예술)
Song Hye Gyo (송혜교)
Lee Na Young (이나영)
Han Ga In (한가인)
Son Ye Jin (손예진)
Lee Young Ae (이영애)
Jeon Ji Hyun (전지현)
Su Ae (수애)
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so don’t fret if you don’t see your favorite Korean actress in the list. I wonder why Han Ye Sul is up there… LOL


  1. Woo!!! Kim Tae Hee!!! Darn straight she’s No. 1! She’ll always be my number one, so cute, natural, and beautiful! ♥^^♥
    I’m glad my top three all made it (Song Hye Gyo and Jeon Ji Hyun). Means I have very conformist taste in women, lol. But in all seriousness, it’s always kind of nice to have some affirmation that what you like isn’t just through rose-colored glasses or anything.
    I love these types of lists because “aesthetics are a moral imperative!” Bad joke, bad joke…
    Lee Na Young doesn’t look like the other Lee Na young you featured, lol. I’m guessing they are different people.

    1. Kim Tae Hee is like a total package… Koreans love her because she’s not only beautiful but she’s from SNU too

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  4. here in the Philippines, Song Hye Gyo is well-loved and she’s No. 1. In the male category, it has always been Kwon Sang Woo. He’s so handsome and clean looking. I vote for Song Hye Gyo, the most beautiful.

  5. the best korean actress is song hye kyo !!!and she so pretties woman in korea!!I am A No.1 fan of the philippines of song hye kyo

  6. jeon ji hyun is the most beautiful actress..very natural..i love her movies specially “my sassy girl”…i love u so much…hope to see u soon here in the philippines

  7. yoboseyo!!! anyong hashim nika!! i love kim tae hee so im very happy that they choose her to be no. most beautiful in korea …. ajaaaaa!!!! i love you , saranghae….

  8. Kim Tae Hee is perfect at any angle…she has perfect smile, perfect eyes (she can make it big into small cute eyes), and perfect nose…She can act (as protagonist or antagonist), she can sing and she can dance…She’s also college graduate…She’s simple but elegant because she also look like european…

  9. yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kim tae hee deserves to be in the number spot! she is definitely very pretty!! and has an effortless and a natural beauty, this is why many Koreans and Filipinos love her so much.

  10. HAN GA IN is the BEST srsly. Never met a more classy and beautiful lady like her, that combines cuteness with elegance and charisma. (:

  11. My most beautiful faces in no particular order:
    Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Gyo, Lee Min Jung, Han Ye Seul,
    Lee Young Ae, Han Ga In, Lee Da Hae, Son Ye Jin, So Yi Hyun and Ha Ji Won..
    Han Ga In

  12. Hi~
    Do you know Ha Ji Won?
    she is korea sbs “secret garden”‘s main actor with
    Hyun Bin. Ha Ji Won is the perpactest actor in Korea.
    I love Ha Ji Won>oㅁㅁ<

    1. I love Ha Ji Won! I started liking her in Damo… and I even watched Sex is Zero because of her – and that movie was a waste of my time.

  13. eugene kim is the most beautiful korean actress….y is she not in the list?i”m so disappointed…

  14. han ga in. love her so much because of her perfect nose 🙂 watch witch yoo hee. you’ll love her >:)

  15. i really love korean beauties! however they should include park si yeon, gu hara and park min yeong

  16. Right! Where’s Kim Eugene? She must be on the list. 🙁 I really like her. 😀 She’s the best actress I’ve ever knew.
    Also Son Ye Jin, Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Han Hyo Joo (she’s also not on the list), Han Ga In, Lee Young Ae, Jeon Ji Hyun and Han Hye Jin. 🙂

  17. yeah! kim tae hae is no. 1..
    i really like her 🙂
    she’s the most beautiful for me >>

  18. kim tae hee you rock!! :)) you are so pretty even without make ups i love your natural beauty and the way you smile you and song seung hun make a perfect match 🙂

  19. Oh this is quite a list. I like all of them but Lee Min Ho is missing. He is so pretty too. Just kidding. lol.

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