Dreaming of a US vacation

Everyone I know dreams of visiting the United States at some point in their lives, and part of that dream is to stay at those United States hotels known for their cleanliness and comfort.
[singlepic=635,250,250,right]Three of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States are New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
New York City is famous for the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and other destinations, which are mostly buildings and churches. I’ve only been to NYC once but a must-see place is The Met or The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I felt like I’d traveled the world when I was there and I’m definitely going to bring my husband and my son there someday. I’ll just make sure that we’ll stay at some famous New York hotels.
[singlepic=634,250,250,left]Los Angeles is another dream destination. Visiting the Universal Studios is a lot of fun. Walking on Hollywood Blvd is a surreal experience. Who knows, you might just bump into someone famous in one of those chic Los Angeles hotels?!
San Francisco, according to my sister, is the most beautiful city in the United States. I haven’t been there but it’s definitely one of the places I’ll visit on my next trip. Reading Howard Fast’s The Immigrants series of books made me curious about the city. It would be nice to stay in one of those historical San Francisco hotels, don’t ya think so?
I’m so glad that I’m living in this generation, I could always look for last minute hotels and prebook online. At least, I’ll be sure that when I travel there’s a room in a hotel waiting for me.


  1. i also enjoyed ny’ metropoliyan museum of arts when i visited nc a couple of years ago. i love seeing paintings by the masters etc etc i also enjoyed my hotel then, , the grand hyatt which was beside the gran central station.

  2. lol @ “the gang.” MoMA is definitely one of my favorite highlights in NYC! There’s also the Guggenheim which is awesome for its structure!
    LA… I didn’t get to do all those things because I was busy… Ahh… I have to go again and really enjoy the place! San Francisco I’m not fond of because of it’s pretentious population. Of course, I’ve never been there, only heard of it.

    1. on my trip back, i’ll visit Guggenheim… we were just there for two days… such a short time to visit such a great city
      LA? la-la-la-la…
      shh… i have friends in SF… they might read you

  3. i’ve never been to New York but I’ve heard some good stuff about it, well not so much the taxi drivers and litter on the streets…but one i’d like to see it for myself.
    LA is a fun place to visit and San Francisco is most definately a great place to visit. I live near SF so I’ve been there several times. Last we went we stayed at an old hotel right on Union Square (newly restored…very quaint). So many places to see in SF.

  4. i would love to be back in san francisco in the near future, i really fell in love with that place. i liked san francisco better than los angeles…..i just hope i can still travel after giving birth…kkkk.
    chers last blog post..Hidden Meaning

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