Charice with Andrea Bocelli

I just wish to hear Charice Pempengco sing an original song. So far, she’s been doing covers of songs popularized by divas like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. I’m amazed that she’d performed with the most celebrated singers in the world, while the others can only dream. From her duet with SuJu’s (that’s Super Junior to non-Kpop fans) Kyuhyun and now with THE Andrea Bocelli.
Charice is one of Andrea Bocelli’s guests in his birthday concert in Tuscany, Italy on July 20, 2008. They sang the song “The Prayer” popularized by Josh Groban. I haven’t seen a really nice video of their performance on Youtube. I wonder who is she going to sing with next…


  1. Even before Charice was discovered in Youtube, when she was still joining contests in some shows in the Philippines you would notice her strong presence on stage when she sings…Her level of confidence then was just awesome…so I wouldn’t be surprise to see her now with famous celebrities…Though I didn’t know that she’d make it at a younger age…Lucky girl^^

  2. What the h###? I mean, she deserves it and she certainly sounds great, but how did she end up getting noticed by an Italian? There has to be a story about this, maybe similar to the blind Korean child who is a pianist.

  3. O nga napanood nga po namin yan dito. Galing nga talaga eh. Yung papa ko mukhang ewan,palibhasa gustong gusto kasi si Andrea Brocelli kaya simula nung magsama sila ni Charice, gusto na rin niya si Charice. Nakakatuwa nga siya kasi very humble pa rin si Charice.
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