Robbed and killed

This was in the news last night…

Three Korean Females Killed in the Philippines
Three female Koreans were stabbed to death by burglars in the Philippines on Sunday. The burglars broke into the house of Chang Suk-hi (54) in Kabalan village in Olongapo city, 80 km west of Manila, at dawn on Sunday, and stabbed and killed Chang, her daughter and her 10-year-old granddaughter, AP reported quoting local police.
Chang was found dead, sprawled on the floor with stab wounds to the neck. Her daughter and granddaughter were found dead naked with signs of stabbing. Police presume the two were raped. Olongapo city is near Subic Bay, former site of the U.S. naval base, and has been thriving due to its manufacturing and tourist industries. Many Koreans have established factories and shops in Olongapo.


  1. Oh mY!! What a sad news. The more other Koreans will think bad about Filipinos especially old people. Some won’t let their children come and study English here in the Philippines.WHY!!!!????? are there kinds of people like that who don’t respect life and humanity!!!

  2. Hate crime or just an unfortunate coincidence. It would be unfortunate any way, but this is obviously going to fuel the ongoing fire…

  3. this reflects the increasing rate of poverty in the philippines.. no offense meant, but many people from nearby provinces flock up to baguio city for greener pastures. but some end up kidnapping and robbing foreigners instead, especially koreans who really love staying in baguio city. it’s sad to know that the crimes happen in baguio city but during the blotter or when the culprits are caught, it turns out that the culprits are not from baguio city or benguet…
    just last april, the korean community in baguio was also alarmed because a korean woman was attacked by 4 men in front of her apartment. the helpless woman was forced to lie facing the floor such that her teeth bumped into the floor and were damaged. the men took away her mobile phone and P50,000++ cash which she said was for her son’s tuition and their living allowances..

  4. Oh my goodness! This is so sad and embarrassing.These incidents just discourage investors from coming to the Philippines. They should really get their acts together and fight crime better.

  5. Ang buhay ng tao ngayon para lang siyang karne na nabibili…napakalungkot na pangyayari…

  6. @mica >> this is not really a big issue in Korea… it was just reported on the news and that’s it…
    @AzureWolf >> i hope it’s not a hate crime… a neighbor of the three victims sent me an email and she said that they were really nice people
    @jehan >> when i was in the philippines, i was always worried about going out… i guess it’s because i got used to not feeling the same way living here… it’s relatively safer in korea… i could go out at 2AM here carrying all my gadgets and even wearing jewelry and feel safe… of course there are crimes here… but somehow it just feels safer…
    @Jade >> so true. embarrassing and sad. i hope the perpetrators will be caught asap
    @sollee >> sinabi mo pa. hindi lang ang pangyayaring ito pero marami pa…

  7. jeez….another one.
    i didn’t know much bout the past crimes, til i had to translate for a SBS documentary show. they featured the killing of a korean woman, difference was the police’ main suspect was the daughter. unsolved.
    one other case, was about the killing of korean couple infront of their kids. also unsolved.
    jans last blog post..addicted to love

  8. te betch, i know some information about this. they are my neighbor in ologapo. but i’m studying here in manila. i told my mother to sell our house there..that place has a lot of people who are aware of killing.

  9. Such an embarassing news for Filipinos. Koreans may think that it is so scary to live in the Philippines and most of the Filipinos were bad. This is a disgusting for the reputation of our country.

  10. Koreans are arrogant rude people who look down at philippeanos
    the Korean girls walk around subic with all there gold and bling bling on with there high heals and new iphones well displayed and looking down at everyone where the philippenos are so poor and honoust its inevitable these crimes happen here and is very common i know i have worked here for 9 years now.. Koreans here should respect the cultute and way of life here not look down on others and treat others like dirt
    fake korea like the fake good they make

    1. in california there are filipinos living here good jobs and driving nice car, and also before I was renting a nice apartment from a well to do filipino couple, I would never do something bad because they have nice things they worked hard for it and deserve what they worked for, you my friend have a bad attitude the very same attitude as those killers and robbers!

  11. some koreans show off what they have… naturally they become the apples of the robbers eyes.. whether it’s the philippines or the so called SAFE countries, crimes like this could occur at a drop of a hat.. therefore, DONT BLAME FILIPINOS.. if you are wise enough and vigilant, nothing will happen to you, otherwise, all i can say is GOOD LUCK!

    1. Hi Genie! I don’t blame the ordinary Filipinos but we should never blame the victims. The criminals have minds of their own and if they did something unlawful, they should be punished.

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