Charice in SBS' Star King for the 3rd time!

[singlepic=668,250,250,left]We’re going to see Charice Pempengco in the Korean TV show Star King for the third time. If you would recall, her first appearance in Star King catapulted her to worldwide stardom. She was invited again to appear in the show in December 2007.
We’d seen Charice Pempengco in other international shows like “The Ellen Degeneres Show”, “Oprah” and UK’s Paul O’Brady Show. She had sang with international superstars like Super Junior’s KyuHyun, Lena Park, Beyonce, Josh Groban and recently with Andrea Bocelli. Last Saturday, her life story was featured on ABS-CBN’s Maalaala Mo Kaya. So what’s next? She will again be in SBS’ Star King on August 17. We’re surely going to wait for her!


  1. Wow, she is really on fire! She must really love the spotlight to be doing all this! And what an experience to be with so many famous people!

  2. I cannot reach the ratings na of Star King on that day! Nakakatuwa naman kasi at least di na puro Hand in Hand sa Arirang ang naiisip ng mga Koreans when they hear “Philippines” and “Filipnos”. Kwim?
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  3. I want to know if it is true that Charice is not appearing at Star King this August? Can someone confirm it. I hope you could post her appearance if she did push through in appearing this August.

  4. is it really true that it is cancelled? why?…,bakit naman…kailan daw sya kakanta ulit dun?…kung sakali..answer pls…tnx

  5. Hi 🙂
    Just want to know who are the guests in Charice’s 3rd show.. 🙂
    Is it DBSK ? 🙂 waaah so inggit pag ganon! Pero the best deserves the best and DBSK is so far is Korea’s most recognized group..
    Anyways just a hunch kasi she was with Super Junior and SNSD (both from SM Entertainment) nung mga shows niya!
    Well I hope she does well 🙂

  6. hi
    I want to know what happened to charice 3rd starking visit. Maybe it was cancelled. may i know please the news update?

  7. Apparently she (or actually the people making decisions for her) had to cancel the starking guesting. The Oprah staff came to her hometown in the phil to do a documentary on her. She will be back on Oprah very soon…
    I know being on Oprah is a BIG thing, but, is it just me or Im more excited about Charice guesting in Starking than anywhere else?

  8. lol.. hmm yeah grace I am so with you in the fact that I was more excited on her guesting in Star King for the third time… i think there were a lot of her fans anticipating for her guest in SK in Aug.. unfortunately, I went to and read something about being cancelled.. I was like NOOOOOO… <.< i was like couldn’t oprah and her crew come at a later time… lol… but I think with Oprah in the scene… she’ll get more exposure and it will make charice’s career big…

  9. You guys talk as if those Korean boy bands are better than Charice. Err… Well basically, Filipino stars are better than Koreans. Our stars reached farther and greater distances than them. For example, Charice is not categorized with Barbara, Whitney, Celine and etc. Lea Salonga, reached USA already, co-starred with stars like emmy and tony award-winning actor, and Oscar nomineem, John Lithgow while Koreans still are trying hard to reach Hollywood. Well, they are too slow.

  10. Correction! That is why I hate posting stuff without checking it. Charice IS categorized. I wonder why I put not? O.O

  11. Does anyone know if the Star King guesting is rescheduled? I also wanna watch her again. Her performance is captivating! ^_^

  12. What i heard that Charice is being manage by OPRAH and David Foster so they are taking care of her now. David Foster is a Famous Composer the guy who made all the Famous singers well known like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion Josh Groban ,Andrea Bocelli , Michael Buble any many more. They are really taking good care of her career.

  13. I would really love it if Charice will be guesting again on Star King. I am looking forward to it as well. I hope all the best for her and I’m just so proud that koreans and other nationalities discover that Filipinos are really talented in singing. I think that Korea, Japan and Taiwan produces great boy bands in asia and in the philippines we produce divas and charice is the living proof of all the pure talent and confidence filipino singers have. I hope all the best for Charice and all sincere Filipino singers out there that are out to touch lives with their singing. Then again I want Charice to be popular here in Asia, I am so happy that even if Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Filipinos have different languages and culture we may be able to unit through music. I hope this is the time for Asia to be united so that we could help each other more despite our differences. I hope it starts here.

  14. Me kedo con Connie Talbot, nomas ke krezca esta niña será un DIVA…jeje la apoyo desde Chiapas México.

  15. oh mys.. i saw star king and they featured amy and philip. They were also featured in a singing contest like charice in the philippines produced by abscbn haha they were so cute. watch it on youtube lols. they were very good as well and entertaining to watch.

  16. Hay sana magkita cla ni dara sa korea,,,
    kila2 kya ni dara c charice or vise versa,,
    pareho n cilang ckat ngaun,
    grabe n2

  17. grrrr… I still hoping that charice visit again to korea 4 d 3rd time, shes so cute when she was always there and singhng, and the koreans audience were so funny and nice to watch too when watching charice performing… lol

  18. its really amazing watching charice singing..
    i’m so proud to be a Filipino and of course for those Koreans who appreciate us.
    i really love Koreans.. if only i have a chance to go their..
    i’m finding some Korean friend.. but until now i haven’t find one here..
    and now, i’m waiting that charice will go back in korea for the third time.. i will wait for it..

  19. wow proud to her………,sana bumalik siya sa korea parta makita ko sya youtube…..,.,,.

  20. Charice probably cannot appear on StarKing as scheduled as in August she will be filming her role in Glee. Filming begins July 28.

  21. I heard from some Korean fan sites that Charice did a recording for Star King just this month with CN-Blue, Super Junior, and F(x).. It was said that she sang 3 songs.. i’m sorry i forgot the first 2 but the last song was her single Pyramid..
    Although I am a Kpop fan, I have to agree to what Miko said, Filipinos are also very talented.
    I am really looking forward in watching that Star King episode.. I’d even watch it live streaming if I have to since I’m not only a Super Junior fan but a CN-Blue fan as well.. LOL

  22. tapos na ata filiming! pinalabas na kanina! guys san ko pwede mapanod!?!?!?! dinedelete ng sbs ung mga asa youtube!!!!!!! anung ep ng star king na yon?!?!?! XD XD pls pls sana meh magreply!!!! XD

  23. Can u please give me link where can I watch this live?
    It will air today 6:30 pm KST (5:30 Ph time)

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