Average life span of Koreans

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There is an OECD report last week about the average life span of Koreans. The report says that Koreans live an average of 79.1 years, second to Japan’s 82.4 years among OECD countries. I often see a lot of old people here, specially at Jongro3-ga subway station. Our community center is more often populated by seniors, who are often exercising. My mother-in-law, who is almost 70, is a lot healthier than I am. She attends aerobics classes daily and has even competed and one third place in a provincial aerobics competition. She eats mostly veggies and hates pork. My father-in-law has been paralyzed, right side, for more than a decade but he exercises everyday. He walks more than six hours a day, covering more than 20 kilometers. He would have worn out lots of treadmills!Believe it or not, he walks fast.

The OECD said such longevity could be attributable to higher income’s changing people’s lifestyle as a whole; individual care and investment in health management; health insurance coverage expanding year after year; and relatively easy access to medical services.
From Koreans Live Longer than Ever

I thought it’s because of kimchi that Koreans live long… ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹. It is expected that the average life span of Koreans will be higher in the years to come. In 2005, there were 961 centenarians in Korea. I wouldn’t want to live that long if I can’t take a shower daily…


  1. Kahit napuputol patience ko sa mga matatandang super sungit and super kulit nakakatuwa pa ring makakita ng mga taong umaabot sa ganong age. Hehe Buti nga diyan ate di masyadong uso yung mga nursing homes. Kasi dito pag mga nasa ganyang age na hinahayaan na sila ng pamilya sa nursing home tapos bihira na lang bisitahin.

  2. sa pilipinas ata 60 na lang e nakooo uso heart attack now dito siguro sa init at alam u na mga pinoy mahilig sa taba taba hehehe.. sana umabot din ako ng 80’s.. lola ko 85 namatay e 😀

  3. Siguro nga kasi sa kinakain natin…at tayo kasing Pinoy bago magpagamot grabe na kung minsan ang sakit…

  4. I wonder if this includes or excludes suicides. I mean, either way, it’s impressive, but you get the point. I wonder if they mean Koreans or people in Korea?

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