Beethoven Virus

Here is a drama that my husband might actually see, and only because Kim Myung Min is playing the lead actor in it. Beethoven Virus will be shown on MBC as its 수목 drama or “Wed-Thur drama”. In Korea, the dramas are usually identified by its timeslot. I remember “studying” this in my Korean language class. There’s the 아침 드라마 (a-chim d-ra-ma) or morning drama; 월화드라마 (wol-hwa d-ra-ma) or “Mon-Tues drama”; 일일드라마 (il-il d-ra-ma) or daily drama; 토일 or 주말 for dramas shown on “Sat-Sun” or the weekend. With all these dramas, you’d think the only thing Koreans ever do is watch TV! LOL
My husband likes Kim Myung Min and that’s because of his brilliant portrayal of the legendary Admiral Lee Sun Shin. In fact, whenever we see his giant billboards for Handock, he would point and say that he’s his twin. Dreamer! It seems though that “Beethoven Dreamer” is gonna be a love-triangle drama. Not again!
Others in the cast are Lee Ji Ah, who was in the Bae Yong Joon starrer “The Legend”, and Jang Geun Seuk, who was in the KBS drama “Hwang Jin Yi”.


  1. This is awesome! I stopped having a favorite actor or actress after the whole Tom Cruise mess… <_< ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  2. I think I’m gonna like this drama.I like Jang Geun Seuk and Lee Ji Ah. Your husband is right, Betchay ,I could see the similarity … he was also good in The White Tower. When is this drama gonna start? Thanks for the info.

  3. ohhh!!! i love lee ji ah a lot– she has a very refreshing personality… tapos kasama pa si jang geun seuk…

  4. just finished watching this series and it’s definitely highly recommended. I love listening to classical music so i get to enjoy this k-drama a lot. Kim myung min is lovable here despite his super antipatiko and suplado character.
    i love jang geun seuk too hayyy!
    this k-drama is INFECTIOUS! lol!

  5. ^^ glad you like the drama too… kim myung min has been the subject of our 10-minute breaks at school for the duration of the drama… sad that it’s over… but looking forward to another kim myung min drama 🙂

  6. before, my interest was only in anime; but kim myung min leads me of liking k-dramas. though i’ve been watching k-damas before yet not as intense as i watch his shows. i love him so much. OTAKU.

  7. The k-dramas can be very addictive (they were for me starting about a year ago) or at the very least they are very enjoyable for anyone that gives them half a chance.

  8. i love watching korean drama
    the latest i saw was beethoven virus
    It was so great
    i love all characters
    especially lee ji ah she’s so pretty!

  9. Here’s the thing though, why is it called “Beethoven Virus”? I thought maybe this might have been related to a computer virus that plays his music or related to the composer.

  10. this drama is so cute…but i’m not yet done watching it..LOL^^ ..and i’m hoping to finish it before the class starts!~gosh
    k-dramas really drive me crazy…i love it very much!

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