Wet Korean summer vacation

Most Koreans have their summer vacations at the same time and it usually starts on August 1st. My husband is on vacation now until the middle of next week. (So short!) We planned earlier to join his parents and sister (and her family) to Donghae City in eastern South Korea. We changed our minds and opted to stay in Seoul instead. And boy we’re having a wet Korean summer vacation because of the rains!
I’m so glad we’re staying in Seoul because I don’t want to spend six hours in heavy traffic. I also don’t want to be with tens of thousands of people at the beach (or the 1 million beach bums in Haeundae Beach in Busan. I’d love to preserve and show this picture in our digital frame so we’ll be motivated to save for a beach trip abroad.)


  1. OOOooo, it is raining a lot in Seoul right now… Good to know, hehe. I think it is great you are saving up on next years’ trip. I am not a fan of traveling because frankly, it’s not where you are, but who you are with!

  2. ^^ We’re currently watching a special on Cebu, Dumaguete and Apo Island and my husband is wishing that he’s there.
    He went to Puerto Galera twice when he was there. He loved it!

  3. luckily it wasn’t that crowded in daecheon beach in boryeong city but of course we still experienced extreme traffic on our way there and on our way home…..i’m so happy i could read your blog again, for 2 weeks i couldn’t open your website, there’s always an error message popping out. i read wendy’s invitation through my multiply too late because i was enjoying my summer vacation at that time……i missed another chance meeting you and your friends…sorry.
    chers last blog post..Seoul Film Studio Complex

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