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It’s always been my dream to organize a party complete with live entertainers. I’d like to hold a party for my son when he turns 7 and have a clown, juggler, or magician perform in his party. It’s easier now to choose a PROFESSIONAL performer for such events. It used to be that people just rely on recommendations (or hunches) when finding an entertainer. Now, you just have to go online and you can find thousands of party performers’ videos like the one below:


Joel Ward – 2008 Promo Reel

I got the video above from Talentainer. They have thousands of videos that you can view before hiring a host, announcer, clown, circus performer, magician, juggler, comedian, dancers or any kind of live entertainer for your party or event. Check out the website and be entertained 😉

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  1. Oh kids would love those tricks in the video…Hope you’ll find the best one for your son when he turns 7…

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