Hi Seoul Festival (Summer 2008)

Hi Seoul Festival is now on its 6th year. I believe this is the first year that we’re having four festivals in a year rather than just one held in Spring. This year, there will be a festival for every season. The Spring Festival was held in May. The Summer Festival is from August 9-17 and most of the events will take place at the Hangang (Han River). We’re currently experiencing a 30-32 degree Celsius temperature in Seoul and it will continue for two weeks. This weekend is no exception and it’s good that we’re most likely not going to have any rain. I’m not complaining not about the heat. The temperature is higher compared to last month but at least it’s not so humid. It just feels like summer.
If you’re in Seoul, why not join the summer festival. You can find more info online at Hi Seoul Festival 2008
Below is a clip of the theme song and dance of the summer festival we attended last May. It’s unedited, btw.

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