Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

The coverage of the Beijing Olympics (2008.08.08) started at 8:30 PM in Korea. We were tuned in to KBS and we just love the HD broadcast! I love the drum performance and the calligraphy dance the most. To be honest, I wasn’t able to watch the whole program (I missed a lot!) because I had some chores to do. I’ll just watch the replays tomorrow. I’m currently waiting for the parade of the Philippine and South Korean teams. Boxer Manny Pacquiao will carry the Philippine flag.
My favorite Korean portal site, Daum, has compiled the pictures of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Lots of great photos that will surely look good in nice picture frames.


  1. As big a deal this is, it just does not interest me to watch it… O_o
    Can’t wait to watch the highlights after everything is said and done, though, hehe…

  2. @AzureWolf >> i read that it wasn’t shown live in the US… the opening ceremony is really long… 4 hours!
    @Elliot >> thanks for the tag

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