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I started blogging using a free blog host in 2002. Unfortunately, the blog host closed and I wasn’t able to save my posts. Then in late 2003, I started another blog in a bigger blog host but because I want greater control of my blog, I decided to use WordPress and a paid webhosting that allows multiple domain hosting.
I didn’t know much about webhosting back in 2004. I spent several hours reading webhosting tutorials online. That helped me a lot in undertanding paid hosting services. Having your own blog hosted isn’t that difficult after all. Those tutorials online will guide you how to get started. It’s also fun checking the domain names best suited for a blog.
Four years later, I still sometimes read webhosting articles. I already have three blogs and they’re all hosted on the same server with their own domain names. I’m planning to have one more in the future when time permits 😉

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  1. Wow, pretty ambitious! I have one personal blog, but I have two public blogs I post on. I’m not as popular as you, but I have a few creepy obsessed stalkers who created a lot of problems early in my blogging life, so I had to find a personal blog host that can selectively show posts. Sometimes, I post something really personal, and other times, something extremely casual, and the right audience always sees each thing.
    Ironically, this got some people angry… You darned if you do, and darned if you don’t, haha.
    Three? I only know of this one and the one titled “Apt ####” What’s the third? =P

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