Favorite Olympics opening ceremony

My husband and I had a discussion after watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. It was beautiful but we we’re a bit disappointed with the parade of athletes. We had a glimpse (2 seconds?) of the 15-man team from the Philippines at 11:40 PM and about 5 seconds of the 280-man team from Korea at 11:45 PM. We saw a lot of the athletes’ feet during the parade though. What’s with the feet? Big feet = big toot? 😀
Anyway, I like the way they showed the scenes of the “controversial” torch relay for the Beijing Olympics. However, nothing beats the flaming arrow of the Barcelona Olympics in its simplicity and excitement. The Seoul Olympics’ cauldron lighting is IMO, the funniest. I wonder how many doves were “torched” during that lighting ceremony. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ The torch bearer during the Seoul Olympics is Sohn Kee Chung, who is well-respected in Korea for his nationalism during the Berlin Olympics.
The theme song from the Seoul Olympics is also our favorite, specially when the group Koreana sang it with all the nations in their colorful costumes. That’s really beautiful. I was only 13 when the Seoul Olympics was held and I remember liking the song “Hand in Hand” and Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” I hate to admit I bought the Seoul Olympics OST that time and listened to those songs repeatedly.
I had been watching videos of the Seoul Olympics last night and I thought that the ceremony is quite simple, both closing and opening, yet pretty meaningful. I might sound so biased but there’s really beauty in simplicity. And I had a great time lambasting how little the organizers probably spent on the ceremony, to which my husband meekly said that the country didn’t have that much money that time.Overall, the Barcelona Olympics opening ceremony is really my favorite. (I missed the Athens Olympics opening ceremony.)
1988 Seoul Olympics “Hand in Hand”

1992 Barcelona Olympics


  1. i love that 1992 barcelona moment too. that was just awesome. i rewatched it and i got chills when the fiery arrow landed in the cauldron. thanks for sharing.

  2. Now that you mentioned it, the 1988 Seoul Olympics might have started my interest in South Korea. We sang “Hand in Hand” during my graduation from elementary school. I’m singing the song now in my head 🙂
    Teshas last blog post..ESTD: Saturn Return

  3. Lahat yata ng opening sa Olympics favorite ko…I got chills just by seeing people from different nations gather together^^

  4. @gail >> almost everyone i know were awed with the fiery arrow
    @tesha >> it’s really JDG who made me interested in South Korea… i didn’t even know where SoKor before i knew JDG
    @sollee >> lahat kasi ng Olympics ceremony eh pinaghihirapan talaga di ba? kaya laging exciting manood ng Olympics

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