Dark Knight or Mama Mia

My friends and I were supposed to see a movie during the week and it was a choice between The Dark Knight and Mama Mia. I really wanted to watch the Batman movie in an IMAX theatre but the open seats are only available on the early morning and at midnight. All the other screening schedules are full. I’m not really keen on watching Mama Mia, but my girl friends are. Anyway, I think it’s OK to watch that movie on DVD.
Dark Knight, like all other action or fantasy movies, are better seen in theatres, right? There are a couple of movies that I wished I had seen in the theatres like the second installment of Chronicles of Narnia, the Korean movie Good Guy, Bad Guy, Weird Guy and so on. It’s awful that I missed them, but thank technology that they’ll be available on DVDs soon.
Hmm, shall I just wait for Dark Knight on DVD? Or shall I just brave the ungodly hour it’s showing at on IMAX theatres? I just hope it’s still showing next s

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  1. The Dark Knight is definitely the more epic and theatre-esque of the two. I had the unfortunate luck of getting a free pre-screening to Mamma Mia! with my best friend, and both of us thought it was disappointing on all levels.
    Batman, however, isn’t just an action flick, but a thriller of sorts. It is developed and polished, from action scenes, to good versus evil, and even going deeper than that, asking, “are people inherently good or evil?”
    My vote is for Dark Knight! Even if you have to go another day!

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