26,000 or 500,000?

I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted anything really substantial about life here for the past two or three weeks. I’ve been busy “studying.” We have homeworks every meeting and tons of readings as well. Korean students are quite competitive and I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself by coming to class unprepared.
Anyway, the “Midnightrunner” posted an interview of Dr. Paul Robertson (a non-Korean hagwon-owner) and one of the things he said is that the Korean government will soon open its doors to 26,000 Filipino English teachers next year. One reason is probably because of the 300,000 Koreans studying (and spending money) in the Philippines. It is expected that about 500,000 Koreans would travel next year to study there.
I used to think that Korea should open its doors to Filipino English teachers. Learning that there are now hundreds of thousands of Koreans spending their money in my home country is making me change my opinion. However, it’s ridiculous how much the Filipinos (based on Dr. Robertson’s interview) are being paid. Paid blogging is a lot more lucrative. Would it be better for the Philippines if 26,000 Filipino teachers could come here to teach? Or would it be more economically beneficial if 500,000 Koreans would go there to study (and spend money)?


  1. quite difficult… one of my friend’s neighbors in baguio city had to move out of his house because Koreans loved and wanted to rent the house.. what happened was that neighbor moved his family out and rented an apartment so the Koreans could rent his house.. btw, the Koreans offered a rental fee that he and his family couldn’t refuse…

  2. ^^ my husband said it could actually be good for us since we’re planning to have our own private school in the future… it would be easier to hire pinoy teachers

  3. salary wise, it would be a lot better for filipino english teachers to get hired in korea than continue teaching english to koreans in the philippines. the english teachers in the philipines are not properly paid by the hagwon/private school owners(koreans).most of the time they don’t even get proper benfits that the philippine law requires from employers. i know what i’m talking about because i used to work for a hagwon in quezon city while i was studying for my masters degree. so most of these teachers work in the hagwons and they also become private tutors to koreans(some even work until midnight just to reach their financial goal for a month), which i may add is not even that lucrative too.
    chers last blog post..My family in Korea

  4. ^^ hopefully, hagwon owners in korea would pay filipino teachers competitively… if they could “abuse” filipino teachers in the philippines, i wonder what would stop them from doing the same in their own country…
    i would pity the philippines if it loses more teachers to foreign countries…

  5. i hope korea will open its door for filipino teachers soon…and that they’ll be well-compensated just like the native speakers…it”ll be a very good opportunity for filipinos hoping to work there…coz we can’t deny the fact that thousands of koreans go to the phil to study english…

  6. it is such a wonderful for many Filipino teachers in the Philippines suffring from economic problem in the country because of less salary doing difficult jobs. the Philippines will surely benifit because more people will have jobs and they could send their families what they have saved for their children’s future and to help their families. more remitances for the country’s ailing economy.

  7. it is such a wonderful opportunity for many Filipino teachers who earn low income for a very difficult job. many korean language centers in the Philippines are taking advantage in giving Filipino teachers low salary because they are aware that Filipnos will accept it. it demoralizes the dignity of Filipino teachers because they don’t deserve to be paid that low.

  8. Filipinos can speak English well.More Filipinos will have jobs and could help their families. These English teachers will have more remitances for the ailing economy of the country. I believe more Filipinos will be attracted to take up Education or teaching just the same when care givers and nurses have become in demand in U.S. and canada.

  9. Filipinos can speak English well.More Filipinos will have jobs and could help their families. These English teachers will have more remitances for the ailing economy of the country.More Filipinos will be attracted to take up Education or teaching just the same when care givers and nurses have become in demand in U.S. and canada.

  10. This is good news. Would like to ask if what are the basic qualifications for an English teacher in Korea? Does it need that somebody should graduated with a degree in Education and should have a teaching experience as well? Thanks!

  11. ^^ nothing is final yet but they said an education degree and 120 hrs TEFL
    @eden >> oo. preferred ng mga korean parents ang native speakers because of their accents… yung mga kaklase kong koreans, North American karaniwan ang accents nila

  12. Hi,
    Today I attended a one day seminar on TESOL with dr.paul robertson at Hyatt Casino Hotel in manila. there were fifteen of us. he said how ironic it is that so many koreans are coming to Philippines to study English and yet they don’t allow Filipinos to teach there yet. He said that sooner will be accepted in Korea as teachers. just be patient he said.

  13. I hope it tanks. Letting Filipinos teach in Korea will water down the industry and reduce wages because the Filipinos will work for less. Perhaps it will self correct and fix itself as many schools who hire Filipinos will lose their customer base and shut down. Aren’t they happy dancing farming and eating baby chickens down there in the hot sticky south? I say don’t let them in…

  14. It is so sad to know that many Filipinos are not aware that racism in Korea is worse than Europe. Well I guess many of us Filipinos wouldn’t care just for the sake of money and covering it up with the noble intention of helping their family back home… sad… this is the modern prostitution and rape of the Filipino people

  15. Ms. Betchay,
    i was currently employed as a english teacher here in thailand and i would to try to teach korean, where is the possible place/website can i apply for the teaching position.Thanks

  16. if koreans could do the same things in or out their country, then Philippines could just send teachers in Korea at the same time accept them to go Philippines. As a human, we have the right to choose our rights and choices. Anyway, we could gain in both situations. What’s more important I guess is to do the job well and be excellent with it. The results will be rewarded as how we do it.
    I would say Pinoys are excellent in doing their jobs. So lets wait also for the good results.
    what we reap is what we sow.
    Aside from that, we could share our culture to them and let us help them change the negative part of their culture. Well, generally speaking, it’s better to give than to receive. At the end we will be proud of our country.

  17. Liza i agree with you. We actually helped them already during the korean war. Presently, korean missionaries are here helping the poor. Actually, its a give & take situation. We might really be a help to them in changing the negative part of their culture.

  18. It’s a great privelege to filipino english teachers. I think korean government will be of great help to the Philippines once they implemented it. And me myself will be proud of it!

  19. Expecting to hire me since I had 5 years experience of teaching adults as well as pre-schoolers korean students and presently residing in Bucheon City.

  20. I heard that Koreans on the average spend about $1,000 a month so 500,000 of them spending that much in a month would equate to $500 Million. Assuming 26,000 Filipinos would be paid $2,000 a month which is quite an overly optimistic figure since most Pinoy factory workers there usually only get paid around $800/month, which only amounts to $52 Million. Not to mention the student’s families in Korea would quite often visit them in the Philippines so it gives our tourism industry an added boost since they would more often than not also go other tourist spots around the archipelago during their stay. So in this regard I would rather have the Koreans studying in the Philippines since they would be contributing to our economy more than if we were to send more OFWs to their country in order to teach them how to speak English.

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