Dojang 도장 (Korean seal)

[singlepic=702,250,250,left]A “dojang” 도장 or a Korean seal (stamp/chop) is a personal stamp made of wood or stone. It has a legal effect and is the equivalent of a personal signature in official documents. (It’s so official and legally binding that it’s possible to sell a house with just a dojang and a copy of the estate registry — sounds familiar?)
My husband has two dojangs – one made of stone that he uses for legal documents (with his name in Hanja) and a cheap one made of wood (with his name in Hangeul). We keep his official dojang in our safe (that we couldn’t open because our son inserted something inside the keyhole) since it’s the one he uses for our estate registry and bank books.
I was excited when I had my first dojang. That was four years ago when our apartment office filed a petition against a construction company for the noise they’re creating. We won the petition for 1 ì–µ (about $100,000.) I had wished that they would divide the money among the residents but most didn’t care and just asked the office to use it for improvements. Disappointing!
A dojang would make a nice Korean souvenir, especially with your name written in Hangeul. As my way of thanking you dear visitors (Korean thanksgiving – Chuseok is just around the corner), I’ll be giving you (just the five of you though) customized dojangs or Korean stamps/seals with your name in Hangeul. Interested?


  1. if di po ako married to a korean, i would be bombarding this page with messages that i want one, hahaha…
    i dont know, when hallyu struck philippines, i was among those severely struck… but when i got married na, i gave away all my dvd collections (daw oh) except Jumong and Dae Jang Geum…
    It would be really cool to have a dojang…

  2. Ahhh dojang, like the royal seals/ mail insignias in Europe! Interesting coz I thought I’d only see it in movies. Y’know, like old Korean films po. Ate I have a question, if get married to a Korean and you’re a foreigner, do you get your husband’s last name too? Just curious…
    edens last blog post..Shopping… Books and iHome

  3. for eden: according to korean law, women in korea are not required to follow their husband’s family name, so the same thing goes for foreigners married to koreans, however, foreigners married to koreans can choose to follow their husband’s family name or not, it all depends on the law that your country my case, i decided to use my husband’s family name.
    chers last blog post..2nd hand 반찬 ban-chan(side-dish) and 밥 bap(rice)

  4. oh, please can i have one? pretty please?
    i’ve been looking for a personal stamp for my letters and postcards to family and friends. pero wala pa akong nahanap.

  5. aawwww gusto ko din nun.. ahehehe..
    Penge ng korean na fafa.. ^^
    sarap basahin ng blog mo.. im sure babalik-balika ko to ^^
    Dream ko po kasi puntaha ng Korea someday^^

  6. Hi, ms.bechay,
    could my invitor simply use Dojang instead of the gold seal from law office. because I have recieved an invitation. and they used only the Dojang.

  7. I want one…! 🙂
    Thanksgiving pala ung holiday…sayang I’m gonna miss it. Looking forward for next year na lang 😀

  8. i want one also. hehe. sarap pong basahin blog nyo. i try to study korean language here in bulacan pero everytime na mg-eenrol ako, they always told me na wla pang ng-eenroll and i still have to wait for more students and they will call me na lang if ever na makompleto na yung number of students na required nila. i keep on calling them na wla pang next batch and i ask if klan magkakaroon, they said di nila alam. any schools po na alam nyo to where i could enroll? particularly in bulacan or kahit sa q.c. thanks!

  9. @ sarah
    better check korean communities in your province, baka meron yung mga Korean volunteers who teach the Language at a minimal fee… go to Korean groceries and check if they have posters of such organizations or ask the (Korean) owner if he/she has heard of such organizations..
    meron kase sa baguio-benguet and dito sa fairview quezon city but i lost my notes, kaya di ko maibigay contact number…

  10. ay i forgot about this na… LOL… busy kasi eh… ngayon lang nagka-time… i’ll email you guys about the name you want on the stamp then i’ll have them made next week… after chuseok 🙂


  12. thanks po, jehan. still tryin’ to find a school or a korean who can teach me. ms. betchay, where can i order this dojang? can i order it fr0m you? hehe. thanks.

  13. Gusto ko nito ahahah 젤로 naka hangeul na idodojang nlng po lol ahahaha i always read ur blogs because im a frustrated korean hahaha

  14. Hi betchay..
    Ngyn ko lang to nabasa.. hahaha.. meron ka pa bang extrang Dojang? I also like to own one..

  15. I have a paper with the seal of a girl I had a romance with 35 years ago in Taegu. She said it would allow me to find her if I ever returned. I still think of her when the moon is full and the stars are bright.

  16. My wife and I recently adopted our son from Korea. We would like to get him a seal as a way of keeping him in touch with his Korean heritage. Would you be able to tell me how I can go about getting him a seal? It wouldn’t have to be registered. I would just like to have one made for him.
    Wes Bone

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