Hana Yori Dango: Final (movie)

I love the live action drama Japanese version of Hana Yori Dango; and if there’s one movie I’d like to see this month then it’s none other than its movie version which is the continuation and the final episode of the drama.
I saw this billboard two weeks ago at Seoul’s Dansungsa Cinema in Jongro. Hana Yori Dango Final will open on September 11 in Seoul; however, it will only have Korean subtitles. Should I go anyway and watch it or shall I wait for the DVD version with the English subs?


  1. Hay naku ate maganda talaga yan! I mean yung story kaso wala pa ring tatalo sa F4 kung kagwapuhan lang pag-uusapan. Hmm…Ang kaabang abang lang na guy diyan si Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui). Yung Domyoji kasi diyan di masyadong attractive. Hehehe Enjoy po!
    edens last blog post..Chapter 1-4 Twilight

  2. OMG when the film will go outside Japan? we malaysian want to see it too… I am really a fan of dis drama.. Hope by nest year it will come in DVD of Better, a Movie……

  3. wow! i’ve just watched hana yori dango season 1 one week ago and this week i’ve finished watched hana yori dango season 2. i’m so surprised that hana yori dango the movie finally came out on japan cinema. here i want to ask, please sell your DVD at malaysia!! i really2 want to watch it. hontoni!!! 🙂

  4. Where can i watch this movie does anybody know?!?!? I love this drama!!!! But i don’t want to download it im way to technology imparied to do that properly:P Please if anybody knows where i can watch this tell me:D

  5. unfortunatly nowhere online w/ it and eng subs… mysoju did but it got taken down (it was hosted on youtube- really?? youtube?? such a poor choice. NOTHING lasts on youtube.)NAD THE DVD WILL NOT HAVE ENG SUBTITLES WHICH SUCKS AS.

  6. helo po..!
    wla na bang HYD the movie2?
    sana mayroon…
    kng may-alam kayo…balitaan niyo naman ako

  7. Mouhaha, i love this drama, one of my favorite with Hanakimi!
    I love “Planetarium” from Ai Otsuka from the first season, it is a so beautiful and sad song! <3
    I haven't watch the movie yet, i have completely forget it. o_O

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