Eraser in my head

I met my friends last Saturday afternoon and it was nice to talk to them and hear stories about what’s going on in their lives. I have written about my friend Jasmine before. She told us about her role as an extra in an upcoming Korean-Japanese movie. The movie is being directed by Lee Jae Han who gave us “Eraser In My Head” (aka A Moment to Remember) starring Jung Woo Sung and Son Ye Jin.
When Jasmine told us this, I had to watch the movie “Eraser in my head” again. In the film, the rich Son Ye Jin and the poor Jung Woo Sung fell in love and got married đŸ™‚ (typical?) Soon after the got married, Son Ye Jin started showing dementia symptoms. All along, I thought that only old people can suffer from this disease.
The events in the movie prompted me to find out more about the disease. I don’t know anybody who currently has the disease but understanding dementia became a concern after seeing the film. I have found some information from Dementia Guide. It has all the information about the disease, its symptoms, and how can caregivers track the disease. I also learned that there is dementia treatment available.
I enjoyed the movie although it’s a little bit long. Most of all, I became aware of something that I’d never really given much thought before.


  1. I’ve just watched Eraser in my Head (or A Moment to Remember) just before leaving a comment here in your page. The movie was recommended by a friend who happens to love Korean movies. She told me that the movie made her cry almost every time she watches the movie.
    The movie was so nice and touching. Having a husband that would dedicate his time for you is waaay sweeter than a man who cooks for you.
    Oh, I got carried away. Anyway, I am also a Filipino!

  2. A moment to remember was one of the first korean movies i watched. Have to say that i have not found a movie yet that was able to top that one…allthough…A millionaire’s first love comes pretty close!!
    In what movie is your friend playing?

  3. watching this movie made me realize how great love is.. i cried a lot in this movie..
    -a moment to remember
    -A millionaireĂ¢â‚¬â„¢s first love
    -my sassy girl
    -the classic
    -ll mare

    1. My favorite is “The Classic”. I’ve been planning to take a trip to Sonagi Maeul for the longest time. I hope to go there this summer.

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