Lee Na Young and Bae Yong Joon: getting married?

Are Lee Na Young and Bae Yong Joon getting married or are married? False. Topstars Lee Na Young (Please Teach Me English) and Bae Yong Joon are the current topic on the internet circle today as rumors of their “wedding” surfaced. The truth is Lee Na Young has a new movie coming out on October 9th. The movie is called “비몽” (Bimong) and its English title is “Sad Dream.” She stars opposite Odagiri Joe. It is directed by the multi-awarded Kim Gi Duk.
Visit the website of the movie “Sad Dream.”


  1. How do you know they are not compatible. I’ve seen Lee Na Young with BYG in Did We REally Love..she has that beauty and maybe a nice person too. So pls wag mag judge na pang labas…

  2. I she the one who played BYJ’s sister in “Did We Really Love”???? Big age difference, but i guess it matters not, as long as they’re really in love with each other…i still prefer Choi Ji Woo for BYJ….
    Ate Vi, Wendy, and Kimberly are sending their regards to you and family….

  3. mas maganda pa aq sa ky lee na young..heheaq ang papakasalan ni BYJ! aq lng lang at hindi kayo!!!!ahahahaha joke!

  4. ahmm… mas gusto q for him c choi ji woo..sobrang bagay cla… lalo na dun sa drama nila sa winter sonata..hope n cla ang magkatuluyan…

  5. Ac2ally i really dont know lee na young..but who ever she is i dont think she’s the one for BYJ..I really want choi ji woo to be the wife of BYJ..they’re lovely couple in winter sonata so i,m sure all the viewers of that drama will agree 100%..BYJ & CJW for life..

  6. our God than more kwnon who bea yong joon marrige? is it true?
    and he has heart to choose his love. and i hope to my God to give bae yong joon really love,wuonderfull wife and greatest mother
    to his kids.

    1. correct k dyan sister! tanging c CHOI JI WOO lang ang nababagay kay BYJ..lalo n sa winter sonata, super bagay silang dalawa..BYJ & CJW for life..

  7. Winter Sonata was the most unforgetable korean drama that i have been watching over and over again until today, the FIRST Actor i have ever known is BYJ and Chi Ji Woo, Winter sonata touchs my heart so deeply, it’s beyond your words… what can i say is there’s chemistry between BYJ and Choi Ji Woo but Choi Ji Woo is married now.
    Wish BYJ will visit New Zealand especially Christchurch city, some of my korean friends say that Christchurch is similiar to Seoul in particular area. BYJ you are really a Blue Apple!!! Love you 🙂

  8. NOOOOOOOOOO !its better for Bea Yong Joon to not marry !
    doesnt he fell in love with Sujini??? i think she is his style and her birth sign is just as Lee Na Young !!!!!!!!

    1. single pa siya… at kailangan niyang mamili ng isang babae na magugustuhan ng mga fans para hindi siya magaya kay KSW 🙁

  9. oo nga ska ang galing galing moh tlga byj sana mag kapalabaz ka pa d2 s phil. ska d kau bagay maganda pa c lixel dyan ung #1 fans moh favorite na favorite ka nn?
    grave d kau bagay sana mg bgay ka ng analment para kau na ng ate lizel qohhhhhhhhh

  10. her?
    idk shes beautiful..but i thin he is so much better looking alone than with her, but..since i love him so ill grow to love her as i get to know/see her more..”P so ill be watching dramas..”}
    Bae Yong Joon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your the Top-Notch of my BEST LOOKING ACTOR list..!!!!…
    i<3U/UR ACTING "P

  11. grabe i hope that not true cried tears pa ako i love bae yong joon very very very much i want to see him in person……………… ilove you…

  12. Well,well,well girls….hello….agree aqo jan..BYJ should find a perfect wife( i mean he can call a good WIFE!) not the wife pang bathroom or pang-B…d( hope u know what i mean?!)

  13. hai .. bae young joon . nice to meet U ……………………….
    oh my god U will get married ………I hope to ..because U must to married don’t wait again guys …..U know, U old not young again ………….just kidding …………. don’t forget invite me if U married …………… U know my email guys …………… dia_tangko@yahoo.co.id

  14. Yong joon
    Please try your best ! as much as you can ,,,and plz.. never leave ur actor life until ur last day of ur life …..i will always support you coz i really love FRANK SHIN …..you still remember this name ???????
    ha ha …. i dun think so

  15. Bae yung joon hi chu ka duh lutuk hi sawi ngaihna pawh ka hre lo zawk. ka mumangah te ka hmu thin.

  16. oppa anio i love you sooooooooooo much
    oppa i send you email and letter but you dont ansswer me oppa please send me your email address i wait for you always

  17. ….oh! hindi maaari magpakasal sila mdahil mas bagay sila ni choi ji woo suppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr…….cute ng smile ni byj at sbrang cute din ni cjw….bagay na bagay talaga…sana sila ang magkatuluyan in real life ^_^

  18. Hello ;Oppa Bae yune joon
    Are you OK?
    I think you are well and happy.
    I like you because you are attraction and handsome.

  19. Choi Ji Woo will be the perfect woman for BYJ. I love to see them together…………i hope its’ be true couple

  20. hellow, i think you r the best in this world, now i love all korean just because of you.. u r hero.. i dont know which girl do you want to get married with.. it is up to you.. hehehe.. but i saw you first time in winter sonata, i always cried when i had watching it.. it was so romantic and full of sadness.. i could not stand it, so i love choi ji woo too… i think she is the best for you… i do not know.. i hope u will choose the best girl just like yorself that you will never regret of her, and your life will full of happieness with her… i love you… you learnt me what is real love and how are korean people and what is eternal love…. i saw honest and kindness in your eyes, you are only in this world, i can not find anyone like you in this life…. i love you more than every thing… best wishes for you..

  21. bae yong jun is perfect, he is the best…. no one is good enough for him, other than me… hehehe…. he is hero of my dreams.. no one love him as me…. how can i see him just for once time… it is my dream… is it impossible? i hope it could be…. he touched my heart, specialy in winter sonata…. i love him…. just as brother… hehehe…. hope to see you one day…. this dream could become to truth???? i hope so…. <3

  22. Yes, I quite agree, that Bae is most of the girl’s dreamguy. After 10 years, I will still wake up at 4am to watch Winter Sonata. Each time, when I watch, it sort of giving me the hope, that there is such a “charming man” on this earth..if Kang Ju Sang/Lee Min Young’s characters do really exist….I never liked Winter Sonata as compared to Autumn In My Heart, back in Year 2002. I came across this series on the tv in 2006, August but I never really liked until I watch again in last December. This time, Bae’s acting really had really captured my heart. I have bought two VCDs of this same series, in order to keep the spare for my old age…I had ordered “April Snow” last week. Though I still prefer the Bae’s character in Winter Sonata..I guess every of his fan will wonder, what type of woman is he actually looking for? His characters in Winter Sonata, depicted his most charming look…not physically, but the overall sentimental person…in a way…

    1. I’m really not a fan of Bae Yong Joon but I like him in one of his movies, the one he did with Jeon Do Yeon ;p
      I joined an online contest before and I won the Winter Sonata OST CD… I still have it here

  23. kung hndi rin lng q ang mkk2luyn ni bae yong joon…
    c lee ji ah nlng…c sujini|seaoh…mas bgay cla nu….
    kelngn ung deserving pra ky byj….kc i love him…

  24. yong jun sir, please get married and hav lots n lots of kids. and please spread ur perfect genes with as beautiful and intelligent woman u r marrying. i really really love ur jaw line and nose and perfect figure……… and everything, i mean overall package. nobody can say she is perfect for u, as u your self is Mr. Perfect. and u can also see our alone pics and joint pics with female beauty… only with those pics with u r perfect and dazzling and extremely beautiful…. but with pics any world know beauty also they don’t add to your beauty. anyhow please marry a woman who is as fair as u and very slim and should mature and very MYSTERIOUS eyes…. and very beautiful. ofcourse she should be like me, unfortunately i am married. just kidding….. u r getting old dear and should marry as early as possible, so that u have lots of kids who will be world renoved and adorable future beauties. hey u r getting old …. but u luk extremely young…. spread the secret behind ur beauty dear.

  25. sorry small english blunders… correcting………..
    and u can also see your lone pics and joint pics with female beauty. only those pics in which u r alone r perfect and dazzling and extremely beautiful…. but any world know beauty beside you then also they don’t add to your beauty and make them dull. anyhow please marry a woman who is as fair as u and very slim and should be as mature as u and very big and MYSTERIOUSly beautiful eyes…. and very beautiful. n y dont u marry one beautiful indian, here in our country.. u can find beauty matching your looks…. check out dear

  26. Hello everybody,
    I really do agree – Choi Ji Woo suites him ever. Hope Bae Yong Joon realised all this time and ever.
    All the best.

  27. ok lng nmn mgpakasal c idol bae yong joon kung cno ung tlagang mahal nya, basta mahal nya tlaga di b,hehe!!!

  28. BYJ es un artista completo. Sus actuaciones han sido y seran excelente. He visto casi todos los trabajos que ha realizado. Me faltan algunos . Me gustaria tener amistades que me recomienden las peliculas y los doramas que el ha hecho para ver si estan algunas de las que me faltan.
    Entiendo que todo el mundo necesita tener una pareja y le deseo a BYJ que consiga una y se case y tenga sus hijos para tener felicidad completa.

  29. his not merried yet but hope byj well find a better person that will take good care of him we always love you and

    1. Choi Ji Woo will be the perfect woman for BYJ. I love to see them together…………i hope its’ be true couple

  30. Bae is my best actor. I have seen the movie “winter sonata” when i remember BYG & CJW. I have seen your HAPPY WEDDING 2010.3 in you tube. First iam very happy of your real wedding But i know this is the not real . it is acting or performance. bae why don’t you get CJW. She is your best wife i think. I want to send you for your wedding . Bae & CJW

  31. OMG!!!! i was laughing reading all comments in here, i think if BYJ he’s going to get married there’s a lot of female fan, will be heart broken. I like him on ” the legend ” drama, his really good in there. I watch it for, 4 or 5 times already, funny. He’s very smart looking guy.

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