Kwon Sang Woo – Son Tae Young wedding photo gallery!

Can’t get enough of the Kwon Sang Woo – Son Tae Young wedding? Here’s an “extensive” photo gallery of the said wedding from Daum Media. The photos included are “stolen shots” of their actual wedding, pre-wedding ceremony photos, pictures of Hallyu guests, photos of their wedding announcement, and of course, pictures of their early honeymoon in London where they could’ve brought some Samsonite luggages.
More pictures from Daum Media here…


  1. howwwwwwww….you go gurl..
    you look so beautiful with all
    those decorating things all
    around you..
    bless and peace between you 2..
    live long and stay with each other longer than people

  2. Huh??! i caNt believe that kWon and sOn tae young have an affair before..its giv a big big and biggest shOck for me..1 damn! Wish that they both live happily ever after..

  3. OMG!!! i cant beleive dat kwon sang woo got married… i thought dat he is single..,. uhmmmmmmmm….. but den kwon,,, i wish u ol da best en may u live happily ever after with ur loving wife…. may god bless ur relationships…. dats ol tnx…

  4. anyong haseyo
    happy be lated marriage anniversary
    may u two live happily ever after my best wishes with u two
    sarang haeyo
    of love
    frm nepal

  5. an nyong ha se yo………congrotulation for the marriage……..i hope both of you happily ever after……..

  6. 안녕 .. 어떻게 지내?
    축하 해요 .. 잘하면 지속 ..

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