Tougher times ahead for E-9 visa workers?

I read this news article from the Korea Times and it seems that E-9 visa holders might face tougher times next year. The won-dollar exchange rate is at its highest in 5 years,

A Filipino man assembling industrial equipment at a small-sized factory in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, recently remitted 500,000 won ($500) ― about one third of his monthly income ― to his wife living with two children in his hometown, Manila.
But he feels uneasy rather than happy.
“Earlier this year, I sent roughly 700,000 won. But it’s impossible for now since the amount of expenditure needed to maintain basic living here has increased,” he said. “I need at least 700,000 won a month. It has notably increased, compared to what I spent earlier this year.” Currency depreciation has also affected foreign workers heavily as they send money back home in dollars.

and what’s worse is that:

In a Cabinet meeting Saturday, the Ministry of Justice said foreign workers with E-9 and H-2 visas ― classified as “workers without expertise” ― would shoulder the charge for board and lodging, which had been imposed on employers, from next year in a move to ease the financial burdens imposed on businessmen.

Read the whole article here.
H-2 visas are for ethnic Koreans from China and Russia. My husband has a Korean-Chinese friend and she’s been complaining about how expensive things are in Korea.
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  1. wosh! living in korea might me very challenging, since the cost of living there is getting more and more expensive… but also that’s sad for filipino workers, they have to work double time and more than the usual, to send the same amount to their families here in the philippines.
    the economic crisis is hitting the whole world. maybe coz it’s more expensive to live in korea, more filipino workers would rather leave korea and get a job in other countries! plus, a lot of koreans will be moving to the philippines instead LOL! and hmmm.. that means more money for english tutors, LOL! ^_^

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