Korean actress Choi Jin Sil commits suicide!

Choi Jin Sil is dead. She committed suicide and her body was found hanging in her bathroom three hours ago (6:15 AM) at her home in Jamwon-dong in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Choi Jin Sil had been rumored to have lent money to actor An Jae Hwan who also committed suicide last month.
I recall seeing Choi Jin Sil for the first time years ago in one of Jang Dong Gun’s movie, “Holiday in Seoul.” Then she got married to a baseball player, Cho Sung Min, in early 2000 and was divorced in 2004. They have two kids.
Choi Jin Sil was last seen in the TV drama “My Wife’s Scandal” early this year with actor Jung Joon Ho. She was also the lead in the highly rated TV drama “My Rosy Life” which was shown in 2005.
I’m sad for the kids whose mother didn’t want to be with them anymore. Choi Jin Sil’s cyworld page is currently unreachable. Singer Choi Jin Young aka SKY, who is the singer behind the famous MV starring Jang Dong Gun and Cha In Pyo, is her younger brother.
Here’s a tribute video with pictures of the kids she left behind.
UPDATE: At a police press briefing (1230PM), it was announced that a suicide message was found.
Visit DAUM Photo Gallery on the death of Choi Jin Sil.
Here’s a photo page of Choi Jin Sil in some of her TV series and movies (including scenes with Jang Dong Gun in “Holiday in Seoul.”)
A short video of Choi Jin Yeong, their mom, Jeong Seon Hee (Ah Jae Hwan’s widow), Lee Yong Ja, Lee So Ra and Hong Jin Kyung arriving at Choi Jin Sil’s funeral.


  1. I can’t believe she did that. I mean, RIP, but she had children, for god’s sake. She should have held on, if only for her children.. =/

  2. my gosh… di ako makapaniwala when i read your blog about her suicide. nakakalungkot, i still remember her in My Rosy Life. now, what happens to her children?

  3. it’s really shocking considering what she had been through during the past 5 years! she survived being a “battered wife” and a single mother and yet…

  4. oh so sad =( why did she have to take her life..??? whatta selfish decision… she has two kids, she should have tried and faced life…

  5. I can’t believe it! How could she let such a minor problem get the best of her. She had everything going for her. I am a counselor in Korea, and I heard this news at 10am and I had to come to the internet to see for myself if this is real. I really hope this is the end of suicide here in Korea. I an offering free counseling services in English and Korean to anyone who is depressed and is thinking about suicide to please go to my website http://www.zenchido.com for help. There is no need of this. Every problem has a solution. Trust me on this, I know.

  6. suicide na naman!!! eh di not a long time ago mag na suicide din na actress ng SK? sikat pa nga yun series nya d2 sa pinas.

  7. wtf!! another suicide from korea! this is really bad…too many actors decides to end their lives..what kind of mentality does koreans have? why they think that death is the only way to get through problems?? it’s really sad.. life is really painful sometimes but that’s life! we should be more understanding and accepting of the reality that life is a painful process,,
    its not always bad though..we have friends and family and god whom we can always turn to when problems starts to overwhelmed us right?? pls..NO MORE suicide..
    dont ruined your life.. problems are just problems..
    dont let it drive you crazy..
    RIP choi jin sil..
    i hope you’ll find peace wherever ou are right now..

  8. her suicide was reported in 24 oras on gma 7 earlier tonight. what a shocker! i’ve seen her in ‘you and i’ and ‘rosy life’. she forgot her kids as reason for her to go on. do koreans have death wishes? they seem to have this thing about death and tragic endings as shown by tv dramas like ‘autumn in my heart’ and ‘la dolce vita’. in ‘la dolce vita’, the lead guy was tinkering with suicide and yet they left him alone in his high rise condominium. i read online that choi jin shil was texting and calling friends and relatives about how depressed she was and to please take care of her kids. how come nobody took notice? this was a cry for help. maybe she hasn’t fully recovered from the trauma of her failed marriage. i read that she was taking antidepressants for her depression.

  9. One way of fighting depression would be having a solid relationship with the Almighty and having people whom you could really trust to share your heartaches with…It’s good that we let others know it than keep it to ourselves but we have to choose someone who is willing to help and understand us…I think Choi Jin Sil could have made it if only she did not rely on antidepressants…God’s intervention or human interaction is better than all of those drugs that we take…

  10. C’mon people! Stop being so judgmental! You have never been in her shoes, it’s very easy to smack talk behind the comfort of your computer. She did not have a minor problem, CJS had a severe clinical depression. It’s a major problem, it’s an illness!!! Depression is like any other disease, if you discover it early and seek help…then your chances of survival greatly increases. Just like cancer, if you detect it early enough and seek chemo treatment along with surgery, then your chances of survival are good otherwise the disease will overwhelm you and eventually take your life. Put yourself in her shoes, but you just can’t no matter how hard you try, because you simply have never been in her shoes. Get it? So you have no right to judge her!!! Calling her selfish, accusing her of not thinking about her kids….that’s really shallow of you to say that. How can she think about her kids if she can’t even think about herself???!!!!! Suicide is not the answer and I don’t condone it, but a human mind can only take so much. Depression is a serious psychological but invisible illness, unlike physical illnesses where it can be physically seen by the naked eye from others including yourself. Please people, stop judging but instead give prayers and condolences to her significant others.
    Rest in peace Choi Jin Sil~

  11. shocking to hear about her brutal suicide i still cant believe
    after i watch the news last night 8’s really true how sad naman shes great loss to korean movie industry

  12. please stop posting comments about “relying on God”.
    A fictional character is not gonna help, same as saying anta claus or the easter bunny will always love you..sigh
    RIP Choi, i always loved your acting:)

  13. Relying on God is relying on your own inner strength and inner wisdom and listening to it. What is the shame of asking for help. I am of the belief that suicide never solves the problem they will just have to come back in and face more difficult obstacles. She just gave up during a moment when she was so desperate but it is just a moment. Things change a lot in life, hope and gratitude changes a lot of things.
    Maybe this is a lesson to reach out to each other more. They need a company that will help to restructure debt also for actors and actresses to be paid more. Boy band groups with a lot of members don’t get paid a lot of money at all. They need better negotiators in terms of contracts. The USA has Unions which help. These guys are working so hard for peanuts and have to spend so much money on image.
    Because suicide is an acceptable solution, it will continue until they come up with a solution that says enough.

  14. You’d think with all the money actors make in this country, that maybe actors are more than well paid in Korea as well. Sadly, this is not true.
    I hope she finds peace but maybe there might be a way to get actors to be paid more.

  15. You can blame her taking antidepressants for contributing to her suicide. Antidepressants make you want to kill yourself, or kill others because it thoroughly destabilizes your brain chemistry.
    Do NOT take antidepressants for your depression. It’s bad news.

  16. nman e….e2 pa!another korean actress”Woo Seung Yeon” killed herself…”The 24-year-old Woo Seung Yeon was found dead Monday morning at home 2009/04/27. Woo’s family are not willing to tell the reason of her suicide, but her friends revealed it probably resulted from her depression.”

    >>super hinayang aq..waaaaaaa!i feel pity for her…

  17. R.I.P
    so sad…just discovered her, and am terriably shocked. However I think she should have instead quit the acting business and raise her kids rather than commit suicide….but since i dont know all the facts..i wont argue. Its so sad though. I feel extreamly sorry for her kids..T_T

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