Kkot Boda Namja's Female Lead

At last, the much awaited casting of Kkot Boda Namja (Hana Yori Dango – Korean version) is complete. 구혜선 (Gu Hye Seon) will play the role of Tsukushi. Gu Hye Seon (or Ku Hye Sun) is not only an actress but also a movie director. She was last seen in the TV drama that starred Erik Moon – Choigang Chilwoo (or Strongest Chilwoo). How will she fare as Tsukushi? Let’s find out in December.
Find out more about Ku Hye Sun at her official website from YG Entertainment.


  1. i thought it’s going to be yoon eun hye. awww. i expected too much. i like her way better

  2. Ku Hye Sun is the most beautiful face on the planet today.
    Her acting was great. It so endeared her in the hearts of every Filipino. She can make you cry, laugh, smile, frown, etc.
    Her role was very touching. She now is a superstar.

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