Is nursing still a popular course?

Three persons in my family attended nursing schools:my sister, a niece and a nephew. My sister only attended a semester and gave up! My niece finished her nursing course but is currently working as a fast food manager in Ohio while my nephew is a part-time nursing student and a full-time caregiver in California.
I also once thought of taking up the course but I had a difficult time finding nursing schools. Anyway, that was more than 15 years ago! I couldn’t help but compare how easier it is now to do things. In fact, everything could be done online, including finding the right school for you. But is nursing still a popular course? It still is specially with the nursing shortage happening not only in the US but in other rich countries as well.
You can find a list of the most reputable nursing schools online by state or degree program along with interesting articles on the nursing profession. I wish we had that before!


  1. Yeah nursing is very popular especially among filipinos…I for one could never be a nurse for one i’m terrified of needles, and blood makes me want to puke.

  2. As popular this major is in the philippines, I think it’s also popular among students in the US. The only problem in the US is the fact, there aren’t enough schools willing to accomodate all of the students applying. There was this university in ventura county and they only accepted 60 something students out of the 500 applicants. I know this because I was one of those lucky students that got accepted. LOL. Another thing, if one fails a clinical course you can take it for another time but after that you can

  3. … gahh let me cont. I mean in clinical course, a student is only allowed two tries if one fails; then you can’t come back to the same school in the nursing program. If you failed at another university, other universities will look at your transcript and won’t accept a student in their nursing prog. I think online classes are availabe to nurses who already have a bachelor’s in nursing. Nursing is a hard major to get into with long clinical hours, but really is a fascinating career if one loves working with people.

  4. well, well, yeah it’s still popular and maybe more popular. But the sad fact is that, since there are a lot of nursing students here in the Philippines after passing and taking the boards they flock to hospitals which cant accommodate them. then that starts the unemployment here. not everyone can easily go abroad kase.
    i heard there are about 400,000 nurses unemployed right now. correct me if im wrong…

  5. It is still very popular. I think most of the students (parents) prefer it hoping their kids could go work abroad and give them a better life later on.
    but like what midmi says -this is not a pretty picture. They cannot get jobs in Ph in their fields and even if they try other job sectors,employers won’t hire them thinking that they will leave soon anyway…so why waste their time on training this people if they would have to start all over again after 2 years.
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  6. I’m not sure, if this law has been carried out in Phi, but since there are a lot of nursing students trying to go abroad.. isn’t there a bill that states students who have just graduated are suppose to serve the country for some years before they can work abroad. With the boom of nursing schools in the phil… why am i not suprised that there are students who have passed their test and got their certificate to work, but is unemployed. There is a limit of nurses that the country can send abroad… like the US, which is in desperate need of nurses. In every hospital in the US, there’s probably at least one filipino working in a facility. Eventhough, the money is there…. I think people should be also aware that working as a nurse in the US, is not all that. I’ve seen cases where a nurse works two shifts just to cover a shift for someone. I mean money is there alright, but a hard work also applies ;D Some of the universities in pinas should work out with hospitals in the US, sort of like a partnership to accomodate nursing students in the phil to work in the US. Even when someone passed their test in the phil, I think they still have to take the NCLEX in order for them to work in the US.

  7. Yes, it’s still a popular course but, believe it or not, there are nurses being laid off in California too d/t the recent crisis. We’re short of nurses but we’re also short of budget. MediCal and other insurance companies have, somewhat, reformed their policies too that, obviously, added another burden for most hospitals.
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