Shooting rampage: Koreans in the Philippines

Here in South Korea, civilians are not allowed to own guns. That’s why when you watch a Korean action film, gangsters often use just knives, pipes, baseball bats and pieces of wood. It’s a great thing that guns are prohibited here.

A Korean national shot dead the wife of his business partner and the Filipino manager of the restaurant he co-owned then turned the gun on himself in Barangay Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City yesterday morning.
The shooting was preceded by an intense altercation between Korean nationals Hyo Sik Woo and Kong Young Bae, co-owners of Blue Marine Sea Foods located near the foot of the Marcelo Fernan Bridge.
Woo fired four shots at Bae but failed to hit him in a chase, then turned his ire at Bae’s wife, Korean national Kim Kil Bok, 46, and the restaurant’s Filipino manager Joel Molo before also shooting himself dead.
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A lot of Koreans are taking over the small business for sale back home. I wonder about the legalities.


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