See you later Erik!

Erik Mun – singer, dancer, and actor – is now training for the ROK (Republic of Korea) military. Erik, a star member of the boy group Shinhwa, entered the army camp in Nonsan (Chungnam-do) this morning. About 200 fans from Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan sent him off this morning. The “Super Rookie” is one of the new recruits who will be trained in the basics of military life.
Erik, who last appeared in Choigang Chilwoo (Strongest Chilwoo), will have to spend two years in the military earning only about $20 a month. Military service is mandatory for all Koreans whose parents are both Koreans. It is also mandatory for dual citizenship holders. For now, it is just voluntary for men who has one foreign parent (like my son who is only half-Korean.)
I don’t expect Erik’s star to wane when he gets out. Stars like Won Bin, Song Seung Hun and Jang Hyuk, who all served in the military earned more respect from their fans after their two years hiatus.


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