Rivermaya rocks Korea

Rivermaya is one of the performers invited to the 2008 Asia Song Festival that was held from October 3-5 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. They represented the Philippines to the annual music festival. I decided not to attend the event because of the unpleasant experience I had last year. I’m not so interested with boy groups and bubble gum music anyway.
Rivermaya performed on October 4th along with other bands and singers from all over Asia. That night, there were other festivals being held in Seoul – drum festival, fireworks festival, another one at Seoul City Plaza where lots of Kpop artists took the stage!
I’ve been looking for reviews about Rivermaya’s performance during the night. Mostly were one liners accompanied by pictures. I guess the Korean press were at a lost for words for what they described as “a great show from the rock group Rivermaya.” They are all one in saying that Rivermaya had a great performance with their songs and most noticeable (accdg to the news snippets I saw) was the songs “Nice To.”
Nobody wore something like an equestrian riding apparel? It’s a little bit cold now in Korea and it could be a nice fashion statement.
By the way, the Korean press nicknamed the Asia Song Festival as “a-song-pe”… LOL!


  1. i really love rivermaya pero di na ko na-update after umalis ni rico blanco, the last time i heard they did a reality show yata to look for a vocalist… pinaka-crush ko si mike.. my barkada and i had the chance to take pictures with each member during their concert for a cause for ely buendia at libis…
    jehans last blog post..My Favorite Gospel Song…

  2. i love rivermaya.. the old and the new members.. i still listen to bamboo, and rico eheh that’s cool that they got to represent the philippines. ;D i saw some clips in YT and they were awesome. I know the next song festival is still quite of months away.. but I wonder who’s going next to respresent the phil. How was rivermaya selected anyways to go to the festival..?? I think korean boy groups are cute.. dbsk and fareinheit have some things in common: young, they can dance, act cute/have pretty face,and semi sing <.< but eventually they will age like everyone else ^^ most of their fans are teeny boppers hmm…. way to go rivermaya!! ehehe

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