Romantic Island (aka Feel So Good)

Remember that Korean movie that was shot in Boracay in February early this year? It stars former SES member Eugene (Kim), Lee Seon Gyun, Lee Min Gi and Lee Su Gyeong among others. It was originally titled “Feel So Good” and was earlier reported to be released in May.
I thought that that movie has been relegated to the freezer but alas, it was reported last week that it will finally be shown on December 24 in Korea. It has also been renamed “Romantic Island,” which IMO suits the movie better.
The new playdate is good since December 25 is a holiday in Korea. Hopefully, couples will march to the multiplexes to watch the film (and book the earliest flights to Boracay — don’t forget the swimsuits!)


  1. i dont know when would this movie be shown in the philippines? has anyone know? please let me know.
    And Heartbreak Library also stars Eugene and dong wook (cast in my girl)

  2. [Lee
    November 30th, 2008 at 9:45 pm · Reply
    i dont know when would this movie be shown in the philippines?]
    Lee, I don’t know if you’ve already watched it. If not, try I watched that movie from that site a month ago.

  3. I was able to watch it at Red Channel.. I was actually surprised that it was shot in Boracay.. The movie made boracay a very nice place to spend summer..

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