8 in 100 Immigrant Wives Become Illegal Residents

That’s the title of a news article in Korea Times.

Korean immigration law demands immigrant wives live here for at least two years with an F-2 visa issued to spouses of Koreans before applying for Korean citizenship. If they divorce within two years and foreign spouses fail to prove in a courtroom that their Korean husbands caused the divorce, foreign wives must leave Korea before their visa expires.
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Before I finally decided to marry my husband, I did my research first on what could happen if my marriage wasn’t successful. We don’t have divorce in the Philippines and an annulment is costly and time-consuming (Amy Perez?) A Filipina married to a Korean couldn’t simply end her marriage by divorcing her spouse in Korea. That divorce wouldn’t be valid in the Philippines; however, a Korean spouse could divorce a Filipina wife. That leaves her with nothing if she’s not a Korean citizen. What’s worse is that if they have a child, the custody would most likely be given to the Korean father. She will also have to leave the country when her visa expires. This is why I always tell those who ask me for advice about marrying a Korean that they should think about it really carefully.
There is a quote that goes like “Marriage is more than four bare legs in a bed (or bed frames?).”


  1. 질문 있어요.
    Why don’t you work on for your dual citizenship (i.e. Korean + Filipino)? You would not have problems regarding military training because your a girl ^;^

  2. hi..just wanted to ask something regarding with the topic that you published about marrying a korean. if you’re a filipina and a korean man is asking to marry you. where should you be married? in korea? or better in philippines?
    why in korea? and if in philippines why is it so?
    what are the pros and cons of each?
    thank you and God bless

  3. What about marriage between an American and a Korean? If a child is produced, what can happen; born on or off US soil.?

    1. Hope,
      If you have a child from an American, Our laws are that your child is entitled to U.S. Citizenship provided a blood test proves that your partner is the father.

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